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Nintendo NX: Nintendo Says They Will Be Far More Aggressive In Using Their IP

Legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto has told investors that when it comes to Nintendo’s next video game platform the NX, they will be much more aggressive with their long-standing IP’s. He says that he wants to reach more children and the company will be able to do this by leveraging smart devices.

Mr. Miyamoto chimes in on NX. “We are going to be far more aggressive in using our IP, and not just stop with licensing, as in the past. The first example is Amiibo. We want our IP to better reach more children, and smart devices is just one vehicle.”


63 thoughts on “Nintendo NX: Nintendo Says They Will Be Far More Aggressive In Using Their IP”

    1. By children I think he means to include teens as well, not just young children. Or he probably meant just people under or around 18, not young children.

      1. Pretty much every time he means young kids, he will address them as “young audience.” He’s probably referring to people around 18 and younger. Personally I don’t want my games to be over teen anyways. I don’t want my games to be filled with swearing, and girls with skimpy clothing or no clothing.

        1. I agree with you Batman. I like my games to stay “clean” as well. All the rest I can already get enough of in the real world. Still, I worry about how successful the NX will be if they don’t broaden their horizons a little more to other audiences.

        2. Not to be nit picky/rude, but could you please cite this:

          ‘Pretty much every time he means young kids, he will address them as “young audience.”’

          A few example would suffice. I’m concerned by this apparent ‘direction’ they’re going, if the above translation is correct (I’ll note – There’s no easy way to get ‘young people’/’teens’ confused with the word ‘kids’ or ‘children’ in the language)

          For me, when things like this are said, I picture a lack of ‘real’ games – They keep saying they do ‘this’ and that’ because kids have a hard time playing ‘complicated’ games – Hence, the lack of ‘real’ Mario games lately in vein of Super Mario 64.

          1. I don’t really care one way or the other about that kind of stuff. But can we please at least get some dark/more adult themed first party games from this company?? It is very possible to make a game like that without swearing and no clothing if that’s all you’re concerned about.
            Can’t we just have a good balance of both? the children games. the adult AND children games. But to blanket the market with only children titles….I’m not even going to get into why that drives me insane.

            1. I was thinking the same thing. If the rumors are true about the NX being an handheld and a home console, I think what he’s also trying to say is that the NX’s handheld unit may be a real attractive feature for younger gamers……at that’s what I’m hoping he meant

              1. What Nintendo may be referring to is that they are going to go back to the 80s and 90s route of shoving their IPs down your throat in everything they can. I agree with Batman on the what they mean by children.

                1. You know something? That could be what Iwata meant when he said that if their 3rd party partners don’t support the NX that would offer an ” Nintendo-like solution “. We could be seeing Nintendo trying to develop games in many genres from mature FPSs to sports simulators like the old N64 days. That would be an excellent strategy if that is indeed their plan

                    1. So do I. I loved Ken Griffey Jr’s Slugfest and NBA Courtside. I played those games constantly when I was in high school lol

                      1. Exactly!!! This is what gets me so furious with Nintendo. They say crap like this and wonder why a lot of teens and adults says their games are for kids and don’t buy their consoles. They could have easily said they want their IPs to better reach more “people” and not use the word “children”.

                      2. I dont think its meant to be a definitive statement. this is an investor meeting. I think he says it in a general sense. like he is saying children instead of saying “customer”

                        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                          Or he’s saying children because Nintendo is still pretending we are all a bunch of dumb, stupid children.

                          1. Or he mentions children because Nintendo is rapidly loosing relevance amoungst that audience. Expecting Nintendo to cling to their aging, declining fanbase forever is not only unrealistic, but an unhealthy buisness choice. Nintendo needs to bring a new generation of customers into their ecosystem, and the best way to do that is to get them while they’re young.

                            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                              If that’s the case, it looks like some adults aren’t the only ones getting tired of Nintendo treating us like idiot children but even children themselves.

                          2. Still only focusing on the children? I’m not saying not to focus on them at all, but seriously long standing nintendo fans are mostly adults. You have to give them some focus as well guys.

                              1. old IP, new IP, licensing out IP for other companies to make games for them. buying unused IP from other companies. using IP for QOL (clothing, fitness, healthcare, diet, work flow, transportation, sleep, education) as well as the theme park, and other things like cloud, apps, toys. notice how he continues on to say “smart devices is just one vehicle” he is saying that they well use their IP to expand business. which iyawata expressed that Nintendo must expand to stay relevant. and the new president also said expansion is critical. I think they need to speed up the process a bit though. … =/

                            1. looks like they will used alot of IPs on any other mobile titles but i gonna say its pretty much how they ending up on making good titles.

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                            3. Being more aggressive is good. But, reaching more children? Seriously? Isn’t that the problem they already suffer from? Too many kid-friendly, easy games? Games where everyone is a winner, even if they suck! NO THANKS! I love Miyamoto and always will, but I hope he has a lot more plans for the older, hardcore audience as well.

                            4. I think people are taking this too out of context. When he said reach more children, he mean returning to the extensive IP licensing they used to do in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. This means we’ll probably get Smartphone games, action figures, and even cartoons. They didn’t say they’re only focusing on kids, but they have always been an important audience to Nintendo, and to just ignore them is unreasonable.

                            5. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                              Children!? *twitch* I think it’s time we accept the fact Nintendo could give two shits about the old fans that are now adults. As much as we’d love for it to be, Nintendo will never be as awesome as Disney & target a wide range of age groups. They’ll always target little kids like the god damn fools they are. Even fucking Disney evolved to care about both adults & children and hardcore & casuals alike! Now I really can’t wait to get a PS4!

                            6. well it does not sound good at all, with comments like this one they make themselve look like we are company who don’t give a damn about mature/hardcore audience and prefer to reach the children and teens (below 15) . No wonder why MS and sony are not worry about Nintendo.

                              1. Again, they’re not saying they’re going to tailor everything to kids. He’s saying they’re trying to make themselve more relevent to kids by taking advantage of external markets outside their core gaming buisiness such as their mobile games. Also, I don’t see why Nintendo getting their IP out to kids is a bad thing.

                                1. Nintendo already tailor for kids. Just look at the ratio mature vs kids games realised on both wii u and 3ds. Hence why my comment. I would agree with you if Nintendo games trends toward more mature or even expert gamers. I don’t need sex or violence in games just challenges where a 12 year old will take ages to overcome that’s all. For me this announcement mean easy and boring games

                                2. He could mean young adults by children you know. The guy is in his 60’s :].

                                  We’ll get mature titles, but that’s never really been Nintendo’s focus. I don’t mind what games as I get as long as they’re fun and if I can play them with my kids that’ll make the experience even better.

                                3. The main problem here is that this doesn’t lead me to believe Nintendo will try to reach the older audience that grew up with Nintendo. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

                                  1. it really doesn’t matter. What is the largest audience for games and the audience that grows at the fastest rate? Answer that and you can see why this strategy is best. Also, there is a reason why there are adults on this site who love the classic Nintendo IPs and everything else… it is because it is and has always been geared for “kids”. The fact that this is a surprise or seen as a negative is ludicrous.

                                        1. It was Nintendo own survey. It was published on Nintendo website and I think my Nintendo news picked up the information at the time. You could argue some parents might have done the survey for their children but my guess is the percentage is low.

                                          1. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, I find myself in disagreement with many comments you make. And that’s ok, definitely different people though. Your reply really doesn’t touch on the subject issue at hand. The answer to your question is obvious, but it won’t account for the adults like myself who feel left in the dust.

                                            1. There are multiple things at play. Translation being one of them… but other than the missing of 3rd parties (which would have brought those “adult” games) what “adult” gaming are we missing? It is no secret that the WiiU has not had the influx of games that many who play more than perhaps I would like, but even a game like Mario Maker, one with elements from 20-30 years ago, is that not playing to adults and nostalgia? I think people are blowing such a comment out of proportion just to make it adhere to their preconceived notion that Nintendo is only about and for children (although for the majority it is and makes sense that it should be, because that is why the older gamers like myself are into it).

                                              Just more games would be better, and that is something that was said as well… more aggressive with the IP… why is Metroid not getting better treatment? Why are we waiting for a lot of games?

                                              I think in the end, things will be better off for old and young gamers alike

                                              1. Hmm, I have no desire to create my own Mario game, so personally for me no. It’s not only in the lack of material, it’s the lack of reassurance on if Nintendo will be able to market to another group other than children. I hope I’m wrong, I want nothing more than for NX to be a hard hitting machine.

                                                1. It should be both. I honestly can’t fathom how people who grew up playing the games and became so enamored with them because of a majority of it being “kid friendly” to some degree still get all pissy because every decision Nintendo makes is not geared for their specific tastes.

                                                  Mario Maker is more than just creating levels, it is also playing them and sharing them in a very different way that takes online play to an innovative place. It can be competitive or just fun and has created a game that is truly infinite.

                                                  You might not dig it, but it is geared equally to children and adults, as this system has been. Really only the lack of a constant stream of titles, due to 3rd party incompatibility is the issue. It has nothing to do with Nintendo’s focus. Wii U was a mistake not only because it was underpowered, which it could have gotten around, but moreso because of how it needs to be developed for and the 3rd parties said fuck off, which we all know.

                                                  Hopefully, they hit a better balance…

                                              2. Reach more adults, Nintendo. Being more aggressive is good but there are more adults who play video games than children now. Reach more adults.

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