1. I think you’re ignoring the fact that Iwata talked about this before he passed, a multi-plat system to replace CN.

    2. Thank you! Someone gets it. This is huge people!!!!!
      Nintendo is advancing and will make games more accessible and more convenient to play. This is wonderful news!

  1. What about between Wii U consoles, damn it!? I got a lot of shit stuck on my HDMI port broken Wii U & I can’t fucking transfer it to my recently bought refurbished Wii U because the god damn Wii U to Wii U data transfer needs two functional Gamepads, which I do not fucking have! ARGH!!! Of course, this all hinges on exactly WHEN this Nintendo Account will actually go fucking live! It better be soon & it better allow me to get my shit off my broken Wii U & onto my “new” one without some bullshit gimmick holding me fucking back!

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