Project X Zone 2 Will Feature More Language Options And No Modified Content

It sounds as though the version of Project X Zone 2 that we will be getting here in the west early next year will remain unchanged from the Japanese version. There’s more good news too, as it has been revealed that both the US and the European version of the game will feature additional language options. Those of you in the United States will be able to choose from English, French, and Spanish and those of you in Europe will be able to choose from English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Project X Zone 2 will arrive on February 16th.

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  1. Good. Games exclusive to Nintendo consoles being censored for the dumbest of reasons is getting rather annoying. This will be a nice breath of fresh air.

    1. The Xenoblade one had a reason, though. But yeah, they do it for mostly stupid reasons, like the Fire Emblem DLC…

      1. I find that one a stupid reason, too. They could have changed Lin’s age to 16-18 so the bikini wouldn’t have been so bad. Unless the game outright refers to her as an underage child in-game, there’s no real reason to change her outfit when changing her age could fix the issue.

    2. Honestly, I don’t care whether or not a game is censored in terms of “showing too much skin”. It’s not like it’s necessary to any gameplay or anything. Although, I do think there are a couple ridiculous cases of censorship.

  2. It’s sad that we’ve gotten to the point where developers have to say that nothing is being changed in the English version of their games.

  3. Before people talk about censorship, nothing in this game was going to be censored. The problem was that in PXZ 1, they had to replace songs due to licensing.

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