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Best Buy: Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles X And Get Pizza Cash

If you are a pizza fan then you might want to think about pre-ordering your copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X with Best Buy. The retail chain is bizarrely offering $10 in free e-Pizza cash if you place your pre-order with them. You can read all the details regarding the promotion in the blurb below.

1. Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U (excluding Collector’s Edition) by Dec. 3, 2015. Make sure to purchase it by Dec. 10. Limit one pre-order per person. Limited quantities and no rain checks.

2. One code for $10 in e-Pizza cash per game will be provided and must be entered at by Jan. 14, 2016, to receive a virtual prepaid MasterCard valid for $10 toward purchasing pizza.

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26 thoughts on “Best Buy: Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles X And Get Pizza Cash”

  1. This promotion requires more steps. When you pre-order, they should give you a map. Follow the map to a kiosk behind Best Buy. Give the guy at the kiosk the map and he’ll give you a bus token and a gold tootsie roll. Ride the bus to the candy factory and give the owner the gold tootsie roll. He’ll give you a code to enter on a website that once entered will send an Amazon drone to deliver the gift card to your home. Use the gift card and another drone will then fly you your pizza. Then go pickup your game.

          1. I pre ordered Nintendo Wiiu with Xenoblade chronicles x premium pack, i don’t need this pizza offer this sounds stupid, who want a pizza for a price, i can buy one from a shop there pretty cheap, what a weird deal.

          2. ʕっ˘ڡ˘ςʔ Pizza…

            Although it’s rare around here, that you can even get a pizza for 10$, unless it’s a kids size or something. Usually will run you little over, especially if you’re getting it delivered.

            I wonder why that had to make it so difficult to redeem… I don’t get it.

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