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Video: New Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash “A Break From Adventuring” Trailer

Nintendo has posted another new Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash trailer called “A Break from Adventuring” – which focuses on Toadette and showcases her in action on the court. This trailer closely follows after the recently posted clip featuring the game’s newly revealed characters Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is due for release this month on the Wii U.


22 thoughts on “Video: New Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash “A Break From Adventuring” Trailer”

  1. This game doesn’t look half bad. It’s probably an 8/10 maybe 9/10 kinda game it looks like. Of course this site likes to grade things real low. Their all like “it was Amazing!! Really addictive and fun!! But I had one small problem with it 4/10.”

    1. Use your crime-fighting detective skills to read the review and make your decision.
      Despite your sarcasm, you did point out that they don’t bash the game, and do point out the pros and cons.

      You’d rather a biased review that’s like, “It’s Nintendo! 10 of course!” Then does ‘t tell you jack shit because the reviewer was lazy and only played for 30 min… If at all?

      Stop smoking everything Poison Ivy gives you and use your brain Batman!

      1. Hey calm down man! I was just kidding, this site does a very good job at reviewing games and (most of the time) giving very fair reviews. Usually the reviews here are very nice and long, and thought out. But I do think for some games they were praising the game nearly nonstop, and only had one small problem and gave it a lowish score. Most of the time though they give good fair reviews that I respect highly.

  2. How about taking a break from recycling the past few games especially since Open on 3DS just came out not too long ago.

    They rather make another repeated game than Mario Strikers 3 which would’ve been kickass.

      1. Dodgeball, Volleyball, American Football, Foosball, Bowling, Hockey, shit there’s many they haven’t touched. Why not make a Mario sports game with ALL sports games combined in one instead of making separate titles.

  3. I was expecting something in line when an actual ‘Break From Adventuring’. Useless title Nintendo.

    Some comments on the video state it’s due to Toad. Quite a stretch for ‘Adventuring’ as that dude only tracks down treasure.

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