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Video: Impressive Metroid Fan Film By Rainfall Films

Nintendo has been relatively quiet regarding the popular Metroid franchise as of late, but that hasn’t stopped independent studio Rainfall from creating their own twelve minute epic movie titled Metroid: The Sky Calls. The short film takes a look at Samus Aran’s life exploring alien signals located in space. To achieve the retro look, the director used “VHS transfers and scanned 16mm film stock.” Be sure to give it a watch, above!

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57 thoughts on “Video: Impressive Metroid Fan Film By Rainfall Films”

    1. I love this fanbase. The games might be more on the low-key side as far as mainstream interest is concerned, but man, the people who like them are so dedicated to them.

      1. I still find it odd that metroid is still not highly loved as other video games series since it kinda paved the way for a lot of them

        1. I get the feeling that people acknowledge their influence but don’t particularly like them (with maybe the exception of Super in the retro community and Prime more in general), don’t know why.

          1. Because Nintendo tarnished it’s name few times over. Only Retro gave it the recognition and respect when Metroid Prime came to light and the trilogy is among one of the most solid trilogies out there. Then Nintendo took that and stomped it into the dirt with Other M and now FF which is not even Metroid at all.

            1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

              I liked Other M as it was third person i loved the trilogy but other M was actually enjoyable to me maybe others dont like it but in my eyes it wasn’t that bad.

              1. Didn’t know you like garbage that disrespected everything the series and Prime worked hard to establish like Samus and the traditional gameplay formula which Prime respected tons more than Other M attempted to. Besides, it’s a lot linear and shorter than Fusion but Fusion has its classic charm and took the sense of Metroid’s fear factor to another level.

                1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

                  why must you bitch on things like that this site should be called My Online moaners or did you forget that there are people that don’t always follow with everyone else ? I happen to be one of those people so stop being such a bitch and just accept that there are people that are different and not like everyone else

                2. she was to much of a “weak female” I think. I want samus to be played by Charlize Theron. strong, silent, and determined. not this weak over breathing, moaning, looking scared. everything else was pretty good though.

                  1. Oh brother, you want Samus to be a female Master Chief, the badass who bowls over enemies and never talks. Thats boring as fuck, Samus showing emotion is a good thing. I’ll agree with the over heavy breathing bit though.

                              1. It really isn’t when it’s done correctly. In fact, it’s much more work. The easy route is to just grab a text or dialogue between characters and describe the personality of the character through them, but that’s meaningless since it’s exposition for the sake of exposition, and it welcomes the possibility of creating contradictions between the actions of the character and his personality (although that’s been done to create false expectations about the behavior of the character before: Flint’s reaction to Hinawa’s death in Mother 3 comes to mind)

                              2. It was her body language in the Prime Trilogy. She gushed badass. She didn’t even have to talk. (it would have been nice though.)

                                Other M…if she STARTED, out a bit more vulnerable, but ended with her Prime Trilogy strength of character, I’d have been totally fine with that…but she never evolved. I still enjoy Other M, But I also understamd why people were so disappointed in Samus’ overhauled character.

                              3. This was spectacular. It felt very professional, but without the media using sex appeal for Samus. The actress was pretty, but not more than she needed to be, and the animation was AMAZING. I’ve never completed a Metroid game, so I can’t say how it compares to any of the real games, but from what I have played, the progression from room to room felt nostalgic and similar to the areas in the series. I wish there was more.

                                  1. They did have a little too much stereotyped female attributes, but what I meant was that she didn’t have like huge boobs or a super sexy face to draw in more testosterone-based audience.

                                      1. Wow. I’d generally critique something like this…but I’m not going to. Nicely done P.Rainfall! Love it.

                                      2. That was actually really well done, that chick could be the official actress to play Samus, though my only issue was why was she always huffing and puffing, she was like the black guy in Star Wars Ep. 7 lol, always out of breath? But even though this was really well done, Nintendo will obliterate it.

                                      3. Of course they’re quiet. They royally pissed off the entire world of the 95% of its fanbase with that embarrassing trash Federation Force (the other 5% are retards pretending to know shit about Metroid and like garbage without even knowing WTF makes Metroid games a “Metroid” game; not that fucking NeoGeo looking garbage with space Soccor for a Metroid Prime poser)

                                              1. Yes please!! For a fan short this was fantastic! I want more Chozo mystery in my Metroid. We can pick apart the actresses performance all day long but we should remember that this is a fan film and considering this; she did great! Very well done! Now… Let’s see what Nintendo does with this… Hopefully they’ll take some pointers and let this little gem live on the internet.

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