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Target: Buy Two Get One Free On All Video Games (11/8-11/14)

Looking to increase your video game collection? Well, you might want to think about visiting US retailer Target. The retail chain will be holding a buy two get one free promotion on all its video games. So you can get any games you want that the retailer stocks between November 8th until November 14th. There’s so many high quality titles coming out at the moment that it’s going to be hard to choose!

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19 thoughts on “Target: Buy Two Get One Free On All Video Games (11/8-11/14)”

  1. In other words if you want a game but it isn’t 40$ worth ( like Mario tennis ultra smash ) get it now free with a game that is 40$ worth

  2. That thumbnail is exactly what I thought.
    I can’t think of two more games I want though that are already out… I’m also guessing that they’re going to make the cheapest game of the three that you’re getting as the free game. Damn, I can only think of getting Yoshi’s Wooly World, since Xenoblade X won’t be out yet, I’m not interested in Tri-Force Heroes, I don’t know when Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming out, Ultra Smash isn’t even out until after the sale ends, and I don’t really want to get AC Amiibo Festival…

    1. It says ALL video games, so you’re not limited to one platform or even developer.

      What I would do is, if there aren’t three games you want for yourself, is to do some early holiday shopping, take advantage of this deal that way. I’m sure you know at least one person who wants a game or two.

    2. Does this include preorders? *^*
      yokai watch (which will already be out by than+ Yoshi woolly world + Zero escape3
      Mario party 10 + Fire emblem Fates conquest + FE fates birthrites.
      Pokemon super mystery dungeon+ Mario and Luigi paper jam + Final Fanatsy VII remake
      But it only works if preorders count. And the game you get for free probably is the cheapest one. So I buy 3ds games together and wii u+ps4 together for the best price

      1. I ‘think’ you can exchange the old title for the future one within 30 days.

        I ran into trouble when I tried this last year as Bayonetta was nowhere to be found, so I ended up returning my fake 3rd game, MK8.

        1. I’ve never seen a BOGO from any major retailer on a sale for all platforms.

          “I never buy more than one game unless it’s at a thrift shop or really cheap used games at Gamestop.”

          I hope both of those are a joke. It’s tough enough to find Nintendo titles at retailers. And the internet (Amazon, half.ebay) beats anything that GS can offer.

          1. Not when the games are only 2.99, 3.99, or even 99 cents at Gamestop. Which many of them are. I buy a whole stack at a time when I can find that many cheap ones that I don’t already have. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the popular, GOOD games. The good games are ALWAYS too expensive at Gamestop. I usually rely on eBay for the good games.

        2. “There’s so many high quality titles coming out at the moment that it’s going to be hard to choose!”

          What? There’s absolutely nothing that will justify me buying 3 titles. I dont think we even have 3 Wii U titles releasing soon to count.

        3. Who ever is thinking of this deal, Wooly World should be one of your choices. I actually have to go back to stages and find flowers and thread in order to either unlock mew Yoshis or a secret stage. This is so freaking fun and hard and challenging.

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        5. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Oh darn. I can’t take advantage of this because I spent all of my money on getting an early Xmas present for my brother; a PlayStation 4 to be exact.

          That & I preordered & put the PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront 500GB Bundle into GameStop’s layaway. That Darth Vader PS4 will be mine! I find the lack of Star Wars related collectibles in my house disturbing. (Darth Vader meme FTW!) It’s Star Wars so I’ll gladly deal with EA’s bullshit just for that franchise.

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