ZombiU Servers Return From The Dead Following Zombi Launch

For the few months, ZombiU’s servers have been nearly as deserted as post-apocalyptic London. With little-to-no fanfare, it seemed like Ubisoft had unilaterally shut off servers to the once Wii U exclusive zombie title — what many assumed was the end of online support. Lo and behold, after the recent PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ports (officially renamed “Zombi”), the servers for Wii U have turned back on. With online servers back in working order, players can now read the player-inscribed Demons Souls-esque messages.

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  1. It was fun running into other player’s Zombies… Makes me want to get one of the ports. This is probably one of my favorite modern games.

    1. Me too, and I was still disappointed. I never finished it because the game kept fucking freezing on me. It could have turned to be good (just good though) were it not for the shitton of bugs.

            1. Same!! Why do some players have so many bug issues, and others of us have almost none at all… I love this game… I hate hearing about others having issues when I don’t have any.

      1. Really??? Damnnn. I’m working on another playthrough and it hasn’t froze… Ugh. Fuck. This game has just enough bugs that it didn’t gain epic survival-horror elitehood.

        1. It’s a shame, really, since the concept is very good. I’d have enjoyed it much more if Ubi had spent a little more time polishing the game and adding a little more content.

  2. Finally! This has been bothering me for a while now. I’ve been trying to get a high score in Zombie U but I couldn’t check my online rank.

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