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Devil’s Third Online Has Officially Been Announced For PC

One of the more impressive things about Devil’s Third was its online multiplayer and today Devil’s Third developer Valhalla Game Studios and Nexon have officially confirmed that it is coming to PC. As you would expect it should be a straight port of the Wii U online multiplayer mode. Valhalla Game Studios and Nexon are also holding a special Live stream on November 12th which is titled “Nexon X Valhalla Game Studio New Title Announcement Event” so we are bound to hear about what they’re working on next.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.


12 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Online Has Officially Been Announced For PC”

      1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School)

        I guess so.

  1. Isn’t it also going to be F2P? Don’t know why people would pay for the WiiU version when they can get the seemingly only “interesting” part of the game for free on PC.

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