Super Mario Kun Event Course Now Live

In addition to the ability to create checkpoints, one of the biggest features added in Super Mario Maker’s recent update was the launch of Event Courses. This feature allows Nintendo to promote courses created with different partners, one of which is Yukio Sawada, creator of the Super Mario Kun manga series.

The level, titled “Super Mario Kun 25th Anniversary” was created by Sawada himself as a way to celebrate the anniversary of the manga and give thanks to fans. In addition to the course itself, users will receive another gift upon its completion: the Super Mario Kun costume. Although the manga may not be widely familiar, this Event Course and costume are available globally, and the official video for them can be found below.




  1. Is anyone else seeing the videos mis-matched when viewing on mobile?

    For example, in the list view for me, the yoshi video displays in this post (but the correct video appears in the comment view here), while the mario maker video appears in the wolly world post. The next two posts with videos appear swapped as well, etc.


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