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Video: A Wave Race Game Was Originally Planned For The Wii

Video game sleuth Liam Robertson has discovered that Nintendo was planning to  develop a new Wave Race title for the Wii. NST engineer, Yoon Joon Lee, and designer, Rich Vorodi were the brains behind the title and had previous experience with Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube. The game was set to be controlled by the Wii Remote turned on its side to represent the handle bars, but there were other control schemes being discussed internally. The game would also have used the same visual and water physics as the previous Wave Race title on the GameCube. However, once the game was pitched, the higher-ups at Nintendo took issue with the control system and it was scrapped. Some of the ideas the team had were later merged into the immensely popular Wii Sports Resort on the Wii.

Thanks, Liam

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