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Falco amiibo Is Exclusive To Blockbuster In Mexico

If you thought Blockbuster no longer existed in any parts of the world, guess again. If you live near or in Mexico, the movie and video game provider might be your only way of getting a Falco amiibo. In the Spanish-speaking country, the figure is exclusive to Blockbuster. The Falco amiibo will initially be sold only through Best Buy in the U.S. on November 20, but you’ll eventually be able to find it at other retailers.


29 thoughts on “Falco amiibo Is Exclusive To Blockbuster In Mexico”

    1. The are still, but they are closing them little by little and changing the name to “The B-Store”, some Mexican company bought the Blockbuster brand when they start to close in the USA, that is why they where still around

    2. Very few, So far “rare” amiibos have been easy to find here since the demand is smaller but this will most likely be an exception since it’s already rare to see a Blockbuster.

    3. I remember I rented Super Paper Mario when I was like 6 or 7 from Blockbuster. I never really understood the point of basically paying for a temporary demo. (And I like to 100% most games I get, so I especially don’t see the point.)

  1. Mexican here
    BlockBuster still “exist “, only by name and ironically enough, 2015 is the last Year. some weird things about paying for the brand name since ages ago and the “contact” or whatever ends in a month actually, the stores will live on with a new name now and yes, we’ve been lucky to get all the Amiibo with no issues other than the high demand for the figurines and sometimes a high price, just like in a lot of places, certain Amigos have been exclusives to selected retailers and this Time Falco is not from Block Buster exactly, it’s from a branch calles Gamerush which is part of BlockBuster here en Mx.

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      Said no one ever! Oh wait. The stores banking off exclusives say this all the time! NEVERMIND!!! lol

  2. Last time I seen anything blockbuster was a little kiosk in the 99cent store like 3 years ago. It tried to survive but it slowly died. 99cent store pulled the plug…….. pun intended.

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        I had totally forgot about Family Video. I’d imagine they are doing just as badly since there isn’t a Family Video in any of the towns closest (15 miles or less) to me. There use to be one in each of the two of the towns closest to me but those were shut down years ago.

      2. Well, I take it you haven’t heard the story on how the CEO of Netflix got a $40 late fee on a DVD and that gave him the idea for the company. Also, Netflix offered themselves to Blockbuster for about $50 million and they (BB) turned Netflix Down.

        Netflix is now worth billions and well, Blockbuster got bought by Dish for about 300 million, and now Dish is calling it a big mistake.

        Funny how things turn out.

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Wait. Dish Network owns Blockbuster? *bursts out laughing because Dish has a partnership with Netflix where you can get 2 years of Netflix for free when you first sign up for Dish*

            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              We switched to Dish when DirecTV decided to start being plebs after 3-5 years of being customers. I guess that’s what happens when a company with bad customer service gets bought by a company that also has bad customer service. *flips the bird at AT&T*

              1. Man I use to love ATT (I had it back in 2006) and I always got the speeds they advertise. I switched to Comcast around 2008 and had th up untill like 2013 (fuck them now.) I tried ATT again this year and how have they changed, these speeds suck so much, I just couldn’t take it.

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  Yeah. AT&T went downhill in the last 5 years as they became cheap bastards. :/ Sadly, I don’t know of any other internet provider that is better than AT&Cheap so I’m a hostage. :/

              2. Lol, whaaa?? Seriously, why? It’s not like Amiibo are a tough sell. Why are they still doing exclusives, especially such weird ones? I get that Mexico probably isn’t a top selling area for Nintendo, but really? Blockbuster??? Even if they still exist there I doubt it’s in great quantity. Such a bizarro choice.

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              4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                You learn something new everyday. Hurry up & die, Blockbuster. No one needs you now that we got fucking Netflix, Hulu, etc!

              5. You can still find locations in the southern states I think mainly, there’s one about 35 minutes away from me. Maybe this offer will extend to other states. I’d snag one or two just because. We’ll see.


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