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Video: “Yoshi’s Woolly World Adventure Guide – Episode 3”

The Play Nintendo Youtube page has been rather active recently, posting new videos in the helpful Adventure Guide series for the recently released Yoshi’s Woolly World. In episode 1 we saw Super Cool Jake and his Yarn Yoshi amiibo pals take on Bowser Jr., and in episode 2, they used teamwork to revive their fallen friends with Wonder Wool.

Episode 3 marks the return of Bowser Jr., whom the heroes must overcome by “mellowing out” with Mellow Mode, using their amiibo functionality, and collecting beads to purchase power badges. The Link amiibo also makes a guest appearance to demonstrate the game’s unlockable costumes. You can watch it all in the video below!


8 thoughts on “Video: “Yoshi’s Woolly World Adventure Guide – Episode 3””

  1. I love the message Nintendo is giving to our children. If a task is too difficult to complete, simply cheat your way through. With the new mellow mode you will no longer have to worry about over coming challenges. Just slap a piece of tape on the A button and literally fly through the game… lol

    When I was eight I beat TLoZ and Mario 3 on the NES. Not to mention Castlevania 1-3 and countless other NES games. Millions of other 6,7, and 8 year olds did too. Nintendo of today is basing the difficulty of their games on flawed information. I think maybe because they themselves are getting older and are having problems with the difficulty of games that it’s reflecting onto their own games…

    1. I hate this trend of making the play through an easier task. What wonders me is that some people still defends Nintendo: “oh, they need to make their games acessible to people, otherwise they may lose consumers!”

      What a joke…

      Castlevania, alongside Megaman and Contra, was brutal! Also, I’ve been replaying Cobra Triangle and Battletoads on the XBox One. Those games are extremely difficult as well.

    2. As a game designer myself I’m interested in your take on this, as I’ve heard the same from many people. What I’ve noticed, though, is some people don’t consider that it’s just an additional feature to expand the potential audience, but isn’t meant to hinder the main game in anyway. Are you opposed to the low difficulty in their games as a whole, or the inclusion of these additional modes?

      1. I’m opposed to the easier modes simply because the base games tend to be on the easier side. If a harder difficulty option was available, the easier modes would not bother me one bit. Why offer an easier difficulty when a harder difficulty option is not available? It’s either you play on easy mode, or super easy mode. It honestly offends me as a gamer.

        Now this isn’t always the case, and don’t misunderstand me, I’m a big nintendo fan. I believe they are the best video game developers out there. This is why I’m so hard on them when it comes to difficulty in their games. They have been on a downward spiral, so to say, when it comes to the difficulty in their games. Some games got it right, like Windwaker HD that offered a hero mode right from the start. Other games got it partially right, like ALBW that offered a hero mode, but only after you beat the game on easy mode. One of my biggest complaints is that Nintendo does not offer a harder difficulty option in Zelda games from the start. Windwaker HD was the only game to offer a harder difficulty option from the beginning of the game. I will never understand why Nintendo is willing to cater to the casual player, or the first time player with mellow modes and white tanooki suits, and yet completely ignore us who appreciates and actually welcomes a good challenge.

        The big test will come with Zelda U. If that game is overly easy, with no option of a harder mode, I will have to reconsider my stance as a fan and consumer of Nintendo products.

    3. Yeah but how old are you, my friend? It took me an entire summer to beat the original Super Mario Bros back in 86′ and I refused to give up until I did.

      But that was a different era. There was no 24 hr news. We weren’t perpetually plugged into smart phones, nor were there 50+ new games coming out every month. Our ADHD-driven society makes it very difficult for kids to finish what they start. Hell I’m overwhelmed myself! I do agree with you, but at least Nintendo gives that option in terms of badges and mellow mode. But if you’re really up for the challenge, the later levels of Wooly world are BRUTAL, and still the sanity-pushing, yet brilliant level of difficulty I remember as a kid. It’s up to the individual in the end…

      1. I respect the fact that you beat the original Super Mario Bros.! Congrats on that, especially as a kid with no internet. That’s quite the feet honestly…. But it did not take me an entire summer to beat the original Mario Bros. It took me about three weeks. However I did have two brothers helping me. It took me another two weeks to beat Zelda, and every game after that took an average of a week to beat.

        I’m sorry, I’m not buying the ADHD excuse. I was actually diagnosed with ADHD as a kid..LOL. And honestly, all the smart devices and the constant connection to the Internet should make these games EASIER TO BEAT. As kids, we did not have access to this type of information….

        Kids are still playing hard games today. They are just not playing them on Nintendo consoles. Kids are playing Bloodbourne, Dark Souls, Dark Souls Two, etc. etc… You can go to any multiplayer fps, and odds are your gonna get your assed handed to you by a random 14 year old. The “Nintendo hard” games still exist, it’s just not Nintendo makings them. Nintendo seems like they would rather compete against leap frog than Sony or Microsoft.

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