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Star Fox Zero Coming To Europe In April 2016

Nintendo Europe has confirmed during today’s Nintendo Direct that the recently delayed Star Fox Zero will finally be arriving on the Wii U on April. We haven’t been given a precise date other than April. The game is being developed by the critically acclaimed Platinum Games and was meant to be released this year.

2 thoughts on “Star Fox Zero Coming To Europe In April 2016”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Poor Europe. No concrete release date. They could possibly not even get the game in April as it gets moved up to May, instead.

  2. my guess is that Nintendo released they don’t have much games in 2016 (see E3 2015 as a proof). So Star Fox has been delayed and xenoblade chronicle x pushed to December (don’t tell me it takes 1 year to translate a game where the game were in the beta stage and script was given to other territory back in Septemeber 2014) so that Dec-feb period will be dedicated to games coming out for xmas period. Then March-June will see 2 games (star fox and zelda twilight princess HD) release. The announcement of the NX at the E3 will get everyone excited and most of people won’t see and forget that July-Oct period will be a drought cause there will no game release. From Oct to December Zelda WII U and the Metroid spin-off will be released.

    As for the 3DS well there will be at least 30 games release during the year.

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