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Rumour: Daisy Costume Discovered On Japanese Super Mario Maker Site

Update: As most of you guessed this is actually fake. Thanks to cheatmaster30 for the update!

Well this is certainly an interesting turn of events! Twitter user Tomboy Daisy has apparently discovered a Daisy costume on the Super Mario Maker Japanese site. If this is indeed legitimate then it is unknown as to whether the costume will be added as downloadable content or alternatively it was a scrapped idea.

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Thanks, Takamaru64 and Charles

22 thoughts on “Rumour: Daisy Costume Discovered On Japanese Super Mario Maker Site”

  1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot

    “HI I’M DAISY!” For the jump sound, running sound, and blasting out of your speakers for the victory sound. “BYE I’M DAISY” Will be used for falling into a hole.

        1. Imagine how Pauline felt about Peach taking over. I like Rosalina more than Daisy myself. Mainly ’cause Mario Party and Mario Kart cheapened her, especially with terrible lines. Rosalina’s sad storytelling made me like her. But yeah, give us some more Pauline!

          1. Come to think about it, I’d hafta pick Rosalina over Peach, too. Peach is cool, but come on, how many times can a ruler get herself kidnapped before you start questioning her ability as a princess? Rosalina seemed a bit more able as a princess.

            1. I thought SMG1 made it pretty clear that Rosalina is Peach’s ancestor who has been traveling around the universe for the past few centuries. At least, that’s what I got out of her storybook.

          2. Daisy was harsh to race against in Double Dash! “Hi I’m Daisy!” Followed by death and laughter. I’ve always thought there was more to her character, I should look into that.

          3. Princess Daisy needs some more attention (by being part of Super Smash Bros), and so is Mona from WarioWare (by needing to be part of Mario Games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and other games), Poor Mona has been underrated by some people, Mona was never available in plush or Action figure, and she never get an Amiibo release. I love Princess Daisy better than Rosalina, and I love Mona better than Peach. Mona & Daisy were my two Waifu’s! Put Mona in Super Mario Maker (Since Ashley came), Please? Pauline fans need Pauline is Mario games, and Mona fans like me need Mona in Mario Games, and we need Princess Daisy in Super Smash Bros!

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