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Video: North American Amiibo Holiday Commercial

Nintendo is encouraging customers to discover the “game changing power” inside amiibo this holiday season with it’s new North Amercian commercial. The ad mentions the figures’ compatibility with both the New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but only touches on a few of amiibo’s many features. See what they managed to squeeze into 30 seconds in the video below.

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9 thoughts on “Video: North American Amiibo Holiday Commercial”

  1. “With so many amiibo available…”

    As long as you’re talking about Mario or Zelda characters, you’re right. And maybe Splatoon since I’ve been seeing them pop up again like rabbits. Fire Emblem (or anything not Mario or Zelda, really), you need extremely good luck just like last year.

    Nintendo can’t afford to have serious shortages again this year- they’ve had a full year to prepare. They don’t have the stock this go-round, it’s entirely on them, not scalpers, not port strikes, them.

  2. The word “amiibo” is starting to feel like a nightmare to me every time I hear it. Because I became so amiibo obsessed that it took my money all year long. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just one every now and then. Or even two at a time. But there were constantly 5,6,7+ amiibo with nearly every wave. No hope for my wallet. I always try to buy them right away, in case they all sell out and never get restocked. I normally buy them the day they release.

    But man………….amiibo destroyed Christmas this year. This will be one of few Christmas’ where all I give everybody is a card. Amiibo took every bit of any extra money I would have had. But I can’t put the full blame on amiibo. Even if amiibo didn’t exist, I probably would have went broke collecting games as usual.

  3. Did anybody else see that green Super Mario warp pipe they sell for amiibo? I saw it at Best Buy for like $14.99. I couldn’t believe that just a stupid piece of plastic (with no NFC chip) was so expensive. Absolutely no excuse. There’s also no excuse for the yarn Yoshi amiibo to be $16.99 instead of the usual $12.99. Total ripoff!

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