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Here’s The Fire Emblem if / Fates Character Popularity Poll Results


Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has polled its extensive readership and asked them which Fire Emblem If / Fates characters are their favourites. NeoGAF member Miku has translated the results and you can find them, below. Fire Emblem Fates it out in Europe and North America in 2016.

Male Character

  1. Leon
  2. Marx
  3. Takumi
  4. Joker
  5. Kamui
  6. Ryouma
  7. Zero
  8. Odin
  9. Lazward
  10. Suzukaze
  11. Foleo
  12. Gunter
  13. Benoit
  14. Cyrus
  15. Saizou
  16. Tsubaki
  17. Hinata
  18. Deere
  19. Harold
  20. Asama
  21. Asyura
  22. Flannel
  23. Shinonome
  24. Nishiki
  25. Tsukuyomi
  26. Shigure
  27. Hisame
  28. Izana
  29. Gurei
  30. Siegbert
  31. Kisaragi
  32. Kanna
  33. Ignis
  34.  Lutz
  35.  Fuuga
  36. Yukimura

Female Character

  1. Kamui
  2. Camilla
  3. Oboro
  4. Elise
  5. Aqua
  6. Hinoka
  7. Sakura
  8. Flora
  9. Charlotte
  10. Eponine
  11. Felicia
  12. Belka
  13. Ophelia
  14. Soleil
  15. Setsuna
  16. Kinu
  17. Luna
  18. Elfie
  19. Velour
  20. Pieri
  21. Kazahana
  22. Midoriko
  23. Rinka
  24. Syalla
  25. Mozume
  26. Matoi
  27. Kagerou
  28. Nyx
  29. Mitama
  30. Crimson
  31. Anna
  32. Yuugiri
  33. Sophie
  34. Kanna
  35. Orochi

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31 thoughts on “Here’s The Fire Emblem if / Fates Character Popularity Poll Results”

  1. I still play Awakening. There was sooo much content, so much story, so much character development… I hope IF is just as good!

    1. Got the Special Edition pre-ordered with the third game all bundled into one. My anti-spoiler policy prohibits me from viewing any of the content directed above. Thank you have a nice day.

    2. Azura is the 5th most popular female character. No surprise there since Camilla and a few others would eventually upstage her in the fandom.

          1. Inigo Owain and Severa were child characters and became Laslow Odin and Selena as adult characters. Cordelia Tharja and Gaius were adult characters and became Caeldori Rhajat and Asugi as child characters.

        1. 36 males 35 females minus 2 (Corrin and Kanna different genders), there are 69 characters in total… I don’t know why but I feel like that’s something to note about but I’m sure it isn’t.

        2. I’m surprised Oboro made 3rd! And so disappointed Rinkah didn’t do well….. She’ll always be #1 in my heart.

          (In fact, most of my faves are on the bottom of the list. What’s wrong with Japan’s taste? Lol.)

          1. Because they are good looking. And Leo’s character is not just “angsty” I married him and his supports/marriage bonds are super sweet. I don’t know about Takumi since i’ve just played Conquest until now.

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        4. I’m surprised Effie was as low as she was, since everyone I know who played Conquest says they needed her to beat it.

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