Golden Sun Was Initially A N64 Game Before Heading To Game Boy Advance

The folks over at Did You Know Gaming? have looked at the history behind the critically acclaimed Golden Sun franchise. The series was initially meant to be a Nintendo 64 game before it was moved across to the Game Boy Advance. The fans have also uncovered a a Zelda reference in the game’s code! You can check out the investigative video, above. Enjoy!

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  1. This was actually a good DYKG. Also, Wow! I can’t believe Camelot went from making GS games to the mediocre (at best) recent Mario Tennis game. I understand why now, but still, wow!


    1. :/ We’re not getting a 4th Golden Sun for a very long time, huh… Ugh! If only the 3rd game didn’t end on a cliffhanger, I wouldn’t be so bothered by a long wait!


      1. Thats how it looks like, Im not in a hurry though, I still havent finished the last Golden Sun, its sitting on my shelf right now but for some reason I got distracted and never played it. I hope they pull their shit together though. The first 2 were amazing games.

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  2. The 1st 2 were magical.

    Golden Sun was my 1st GBA game, but it was amazing in of itself. The battles, the world, the characters, the Djinn… Hel, they dynamic camera angles… So colorful yet so dramatic & mysterious.

    The Lost Age was, coincidentally, my 1st SP game (& since US SPs were scarce @ the time, buying a GBA game knocked off the import fee on my new JPN SP). But TLA was a nice extension of the original, & yeah, playing as characters from the otherside was a welcome twist.

    Dark Dawn, however, was disappointing. Its pacing, puzzles, characters, finding Djinn…were all lackluster IMO.

    Maybe my enthusiasm waned in Golden Sun’s long absence (if so, just barely). On the contrary, maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I felt some of the cherished aesthetical elements were lost in transition. Maybe there were too many questions still lingering from the TLA, & too much in-game time had passed to really feel a connection. Either way, Dark Dawn did seem too easy & lacked much of the charm the 1st 2 had. For all that the DS brought to the franchise (touchscreen, dual-screen, bigger graphics), DD came off as hollow.

    The 1st 2 were tough acts to follow (although I now know, via the article, why they felt so connected). But I guess the new team @ Camelot really did need more experience points.

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    1. I enjoyed Dark Dawn to a point. But yeah. Compared to the first two, it was pretty lackluster. My god! It’s the 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies all over again! @.@


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