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Here’s How To Get Hoopa in Pokemon Without Visiting McDonalds

If McDonald’s isn’t your thing and you really want the Hoopa Pokemon then there’s a little trick you can use. To get Hoopa the normal way you need to visit your local McDonald’s and use their wifi to gain access to the game’s Mystery Gift function.To get around this all you need to do is change your WiFi name to McDonalds Free WiFi and make sure a password isn’t set. Here’s a set by step guide on how to do this!

  1. Change your wifi access point SSI or name to McDonalds Free WiFi and make sure it doesn’t have a password set.  Don’t have access to your router or internet connection (because you live with your family and don’t want to change the settings)?  Then set up your phone’s personal hotspot with the same details and use that instead.
  2. Delete all other networks and register this new one.
  3. Start your game, then Select Mystery Gift, and then Receive Via the Internet.
  4.  That’s it.  You should now have Hoopa in your game.

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28 thoughts on “Here’s How To Get Hoopa in Pokemon Without Visiting McDonalds”

    1. it is and i know how to do all that, i would rather just go to a McD’s and just use the wifi, you dont really need to buy anything but if you feel bad for using free wifi then buy something.

    2. It’s literally just changing the name of your access point. Heck, I can set up a new access point from my laptop without even changing the name of another.

  1. I tried inputting the name aNd connecting (it show’s it being unlocked by the name). But it didn’t work. Am I missing something?

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Err… I’m sure it’s not as complicated as it sounds but I’ll just take the hit & go to McDonald’s. There is always the parking lot, after all.

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      And if I feel bad using their free wi-fi, there is always the simple milkshake or chocolate ice cream.

  3. Thanks for telling me this, AFTER I went out on Black Friday, and became distruntled with the poor internet connection of the McDonalds in my neighborhood. But I guess this helps, if they decide to blindly go the same route with Volcanion (and future Gen 7 Pokemon). I hope we get Volcanion for X & Y in America, as opposed to the B2W2-exclusive Genesect and the Japan-exclusive Shiny Genesect. PokEdit truly was my best friend back then.

  4. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

    And Still Porkymanz is still doing the dirty on us with releasing a porkyman that was for the kalos region Fuck ORAS it was just a remake but yet the pok’enerds that are way to old for this now and admit refuse to admit that it’s repeating the same damn formula it’s done for every fucking game alright granted they had some good ideas but the mega evos are just pointless although charizard was impressive still buy their repetative shit

  5. Complete waste of time. Does not work. I hate these McDonald’s ones. NONE of the McDonald’s near by have any clue about nintendo zones and they never work for me. Nintendo should just stick to the ones you can get at home.

    1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

      Nintendo Zone’s service has been discontinued, wasting up valuable space on my n3DS, so you can’t get Hoopa through that. You have to use Mystery Gift on the actual Pokemon game to get Hoopa. If there is still time, I suggest getting as close to McDonald’s building as you can if you don’t want to go inside, set up an internet connection with McDonald’s free wi-fi, & use Mystery Gift. Good luck! I had to try a second time with a different McDonald’s to get Hoopa. Both I did right outside from their store in the parking lot. One just had slightly better wi-fi. Probably stronger from inside the building. If I didn’t successfully get it from outside their place, I would have just taken the bullet & gone inside and ordered something to eat inside. In the grand scheme of things, I guess you could do a lot worse than eating at a McDonald’s since they supposedly have the healthiest fries.

  6. Everybody, there’s a slight trick to this, if you’re still having problems, I have found a solution to anybody that still has this problem, if you go to settings where you have to input all of the settings on your mobile phone. It then shows you the option for advanced settings, and then check mark the one that has the broadcast channel 5.4GHz instead of 5 GHz, and then under it it should say Auto, (if it doesn’t, change it to Auto). Whatever mobile phone you use, it should have the same settings. I use a Samsung Galaxy, (don’t really know which kind though). Hope this tip helps!

  7. Everyone in this comment section is really really stupid if they honestly don’t know how to change the name of an access point. It takes 2 minutes to change the name of your access point and reconnect on your 3DS. Just go to your local router’s ip address in any browser ( or for netgear) and if you have half a brain you’ll be able to work it out from there. Hotspot is even easier, just change the name of your phone to McDonalds Free WiFi and make sure it has no password and connect to it from your 3DS. Simple. See?

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