Info Scout Says 17% Of Black Friday Console Sales Were Wii U


Sales tracker Info Scout is reporting that 17% of consoles sold on Black Friday were Wii U systems. We already know that the Splatoon and Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle was a hit at a number of retailers including Target. As you might expect, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One performed better during Black Friday with Info Scout reporting that 42% share was on PlayStation 4 and 41% share was Xbox One.

Due to popular demand, we’ve augmented the post to include a breakdown by major gaming console.

At Target and Walmart, the Xbox One + Gears of War bundle barely outsold its rival PS4 + Uncharted Bundle. Yet, strong PS4 sales at and other retailers were enough to edge out the Xbox One for top sales this Black Friday season.

Here’s how Info Scout work: More than 300,000 Americans snap pictures of their everyday shopping receipts via InfoScout’s mobile apps: Shoparoo, Receipt Hog and Receipt Lottery. The first 250,000 receipts reported from shopping trips on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday were analyzed to support the real-time insights above.


Thanks, James O


  1. Sounds legit. I know Sony had a record day… I forget which one, but they sold 1 million consoles, in one day.

    Still. For Nintendo fans or Parents wanting a safe, cost-effective gaming system, Now’s the time to buy a WiiU. It has games, it’s cheap (relatively speaking) and you won’t have to worry about kids playing games and using voice chat with strangers! (they have their smart phones for that)

    Not to get off topic, but here’s hoping X is waiting for me when I get home!

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    1. Same here man but I got a feeling that the both of us will have to wait til Friday which is a bummer because I have to work and don’t get off til 7 in the evening as I had to plan to dedicate a large portion of that day to playing this game but I guess…….

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      1. I know. :/ I’m not holding my breath. But there’s always a chance! A tiny, tiny, minuscule chance! ;D

        I work til 5pm every day, but I live an hour from home… Anyway, Saturday I’m going to be MIA!


  2. Why did WiiU perform so well at Target if it was a distant third place over all? Did Target have particularly good advertising, deals, or both? Or did they not carry the other consoles? I feel like I’m missing something.

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    1. It could be the demographic that goes to Target as opposed to WalMart.

      So far as Amazon, that is sort of the wild west when it comes to analytics and what pops on the screen for a particular shopper. Hard to say exactly.

      This does go along with what has been happening so far in terms of numbers so it is what it is…


    2. Keep in mind these are not official numbers. These are based on the consumers that sent them receipts of what they bought on black Friday but it is a good sample size. No mention of breakdown of other retailers just target walmart and amazon.

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  3. Not bad at all Nintendo, because last Black Friday you guys did much worse because you guys had no deals whatsoever. Only if the Wii U would’ve had a price drop last year of $250 and then this year discounted for Black Friday for only $200, it would’ve cleaned up big time

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  4. Wow, really good numbers actually, A consoles without the big third party games, manage to grab a considerable market share in the big day. Big surprice.


      1. Here’s the deal. If we move 50% more consoles this year than the 20% more from last year, we can see a 17% increase in WiiU consoles raising the national debt by 0.0002%!

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  5. I don’t see how this could be true. It was the best seller at target, second best at GameStop, and in the top three at Walmart. I thought maybe it didn’t sell well at stores but that’s not true, people all over the place we’re saying it sold out at their stores and there was a lot of stock, and PS4 and Xbone didn’t sell out (some places it did lots of places it didn’t.)

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  6. The chart says $ Share, so would that then mean it was 17% of console sales dollars? If so then with the lower Wii u price it’d be more than 17% total sales.

    Either that or the chart had a misleading header.


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