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Minecraft Coming To Wii U On December 17th

Mojang’s video game phenomenon Minecraft launches worldwide on Nintendo’s Wii U home console on 17th December. Minecraft: Wii U Edition comes with multiple add-on content packs, and will be available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Nintendo and Mojang are also collaborating on new content for Nintendo fans to be released at a future date. More details about this content will be released at a later time.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition will feature off-TV play, so players can keep their games going on the screen of the Wii U GamePad controller if another family member wants to watch something else on TV. The game also comes with some of the most popular current Minecraft add-on content packs including:

  • Battle & Beasts Skin Pack
  • Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack
  • Natural Texture Pack
  • City Texture Pack
  • Fantasy Texture Pack
  • Festive Mash-up Pack

In addition to the content that comes with the game, players will also be able to expand their experience with 16 additional add-on packs available for purchase within the Nintendo eShop at launch:

  1. Festive Skin Pack
  2. The Simpsons Skin Pack
  3. Doctor Who Skins Volume 1
  4. Doctor Who Skins Volume 2
  5. Star Wars Classic Skin Pack
  6. Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack
  7. Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack
  8. Mass Effect Mash-up Pack
  9. Skyrim Mash-up Pack
  10. Plastic Texture Pack
  11. Candy Texture Pack
  12. Cartoon Texture Pack
  13. Steampunk Texture Pack
  14. Pattern Texture Pack
  15. Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack
  16. Halloween 2015 Mash-up Pack

More add-on packs will also be available for the game in the future.

94 thoughts on “Minecraft Coming To Wii U On December 17th”

    1. no matter how you slice it, fan of the game or not, this will bring people to the system or at least give it some more staying power as the game could be considered “timeless” to a degree.

          1. It’s so sad… There’s so many kids that will be missing out on the PC version (mouse controls, mod support, and everything). I can’t stand to play console Minecraft by the controls alone.

                1. YESS!! FINALLY!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY MINECRAFT!! AND I’M GLAD THAT THE WIIU VERSION WILL BE MY FIRST!! DAY 1 BUY! (Now i just hope it receives equal quality as the other console versions.)

                2. Right… releasing Nov 17 would have been waaaay better… Maybe Microsoft was like, “Look, we’ll give you the damn Minecraft, but only a week before xmas. So, suck it. Sincerely, Satan’s Minions”

                  1. Lol. Seriously. But still, Nintendo should be very, very grateful for this. This is huge for the WiiU. The WiiU is probably one of the best platforms for the game. I can’t wait to see how it performs. I’ll be shocked it it doesn’t kick ass and take names. People just love it.

                          1. Lol. Good call. You should be able to find a WiiU cheap nowadays. You could get one for no more than $200, download Minecraft and let her go at it!

                          2. I honestly don’t think this is going to do much for anyone other than those who already own a WiiU. The game’s been available already for basically every other platform, and it took way too long for it to arrive on the WiiU. I mean, even a Vita version has been out for quite some time now. In my view, off-TV play doesn’t seem like it could be much an argument either for people who don’t own a WiiU, as they might just get the handheld version for cheaper instead if they really cared about not being bound to the TV. All regardless from the fact of the game being best (+cheapest) on PC anyway, with all the possibilities thanks to mod support and all; you don’t need a very strong PC either to run it. Of course the gamepad could be a cool enhancement for gameplay if done right, but I personally don’t see many people buying a new console + the game at a higher price point than they could on various other platforms just because of the gamepad.
                            The way I see it, it’s a nice addition for those who own a WiiU, but I just don’t believe it will convince many people to buy a WiiU. If games like Mario Kart didn’t convince them, Minecraft probably won’t either, especially when considering it’s available on a wide array of other, more popular platforms, and has been for quite a while now.
                            Well, that’s all just speculation on my part though, might turn out completely different than that, of course. But yea, just my personal two cents on the matter.

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                            2. I would’ve picked it up, but I’m addicted to Xenoblade right now. And I think it’ll last me quite a while lol. This is good news though, for everyone who has been asking for it. :) I already own(ed) Minecraft on 3 formats anyway, so I think I’ve had my fill. If they ever release it physically for U though, maybe I’ll get it.

                            3. Neat. I bet this will have amiibo support, probably for Nintendo content. And who knows, it might get Minecraft amiibo figures. Glad it finally happened for those who’ve been wanting this.

                            4. I guess i’ll buy this game a third time… Mostly to support it on Nintendo’s platform but also cause Off-TV Play might make me actually start playing it again.

                            5. The Simpsons Skin Pack
                              Star Wars Classic Skin Pack
                              Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack
                              Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack
                              Mass Effect Mash-up Pack

                              SOLD! It was either going to be this or Lego to get my Simpsons and Star Wars fix on the U.

                              1. If you read then you would have noticed the part where it said they are teaming up with Nintendo for future content so expect Nintendo exclusive DLC. I’m guessing that at minimum well include Mario and Zelda skin packs. Maybe even metroid and donkey Kong.

                            6. one thing I wil get from this news is that Microsoft does not fear Nintendo and are not that competitive since that game coming to Wii U. What will be ironic is that thank to Microsoft the wii U becomes a commercial success…..

                              1. Lol thing that the big three don’t have this gaming war that fans making up. If one company dues they do bad. If Wii U dues not well then smartglass dues not do well. Minecraft is a every platform game so it has to be on Nintendo.
                                Also mojang dues its own thing much like 343. Of course Microsoft has say. But 90% of the time they are left to do what they want

                                1. It came out on PS3 and PS4 before Microsoft acquired Mojang. Only the PS Vita version came out about a month afterwards, but at that point I don’t think it mattered if Microsoft themselves actually wanted to release it or not, as it would have been a huge waste of money if they decided to scrap it. Mojang probably was too far into development for Microsoft to cancel it, even if they truly happened to not be very fond of the idea of releasing their game on Playstation.
                                  That being said, I don’t really think Microsoft minded any of it, as shortly after their acquisition of Mojang, they announced they wouldn’t drop support for the Playstation versions, if I remember correctly.

                                1. Since Damon Baker is a Nindie rep this would clarify as big when he speaking. So it is a good chance this was it.

                                  1. I told people it was going to be Minecraft: Wii U Edition because for the reason you specified about Damon Baker’s position and that it was leaked a few weeks ago then taken down in a hurry. I’m not really a big Minecraft fan but I may give it a try just to support the Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo takes advantage of this and offer some special amiibos or something

                                    1. I’m not a fan of this game at all but I’m happy more people get to enjoy it. They did say the working with mojang for more content so never know what Nintendo will assist them with adding.

                                        1. A game that’s been available on six (eight, if you count in iOS and Android too) other platforms for quite some time now doesn’t qualify as “big news” to me personally either, honestly.
                                          But definitely good for those who were waiting for it.
                                          Not quite sure what you mean by fledgling though.

                                          1. I mean, it is in quotes so some say the Wii U isn’t doing well, but I think it is doing OK,and progressively making gains.

                                            For a system that misses out on almost everything I think it qualifies as big news

                                            1. Ah, I see now. Thanks for the explanation. :)

                                              And I guess you’re right about that one. Generally seen, it might not be the most exciting thing to happen, but within the WiiU “realm”, it very well can be considered as big news indeed.

                                            2. Nintendo did not hype it up other people did. If you listen to the podcast that it came from then you would know the context he said it in.

                                              1. Dude Damon Baker did kinda hyped it up by saying it was going to be huge and it’s gonna be good but with good reason. Minecraft is a huge phenomenon and insanely popular with the mases so it finally coming to the Wii U is certainly huge

                                                1. Websites hyped it up. If you haven’t, listen to the podcast. I agree this is a big announcement and people who like this game should be hyped for it.

                                                2. Agreed. When they said “big announcement” I expected something on the level of ‘Monster Hunter [‘X’ or ‘5’] confirmed for Wii U’ .

                                              2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                >>>Absolutely disgusting, if the empire has anymore negotiations with those filthy lifeforms, I’ll join the Master Race forever>>>

                                                1. But Commander, you don’t think Nintendo will benefit greatly from the popularity of Minecraft? I’m not really a big fan of the franchise either but this will certainly bring more gamers….especially the casual ones to the Wii U which will be a great thing since the casuals make up a majority of the gaming consumer base

                                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                    >>>They should have done this before the imbecile sold itself to the Xbots instead of now where the Xbots are in control of this game>>>

                                                  2. Not sure if Nintendo was being strategic or desparate, but now even they are teaming with Microsoft, and will have to continue this relationship for additional content. Microsoft infiltration via the Minecraft Terminator has happened!

                                                    1. I just read a tweet that said Microsoft is now the only major 3rd party supporter of the WiiU.
                                                      Sad? Scary? Funny?

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                                                      2. I’m excited for it. I’ll no longer have to play around my stepdads ps3 to play Minecraft and can enjoy it (hopefully) with better controls, a bigger world, and free skin packs. I hope it’s only $20 like the other versions.

                                                      3. Even if you’re not a fan of Minecraft, it’s about time this game come to Wii U. Seems like a natural fit with the gamepad. I may actually end up trying it out cuz some of those skin packs like Halloween, Star Wars and Simpsons sound pretty cool.

                                                      4. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                                                        Damn. So much for it being Axiom Verge. No matter. I got a PS4 so I’ll just get that game on it next month. Least the people wanting this Minecraft game on Wii U will be happy, so great for them. Moving on!

                                                        1. I suspect it is. It doesn’t surprise me if it is. Because I already figured I wouldn’t care about whatever the “big news” was going to be. And if this was it, then I was right. I don’t care. That’s why I didn’t allow myself to get excited. So now I don’t have to suffer disappointment.

                                                        2. YESS!! FINALLY!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY MINECRAFT!! AND I’M GLAD THAT THE WIIU VERSION WILL BE MY FIRST! OMG!! DAY 1 BUY! (Now i just hope it receives equal quality as the other console versions.)

                                                          1. I probably shouldn’t be saying this… but I have inside information on who the last 5 characters are, after Cloud’s inclusion.

                                                            “Due to fan demand and the upcoming release of Star Fox Zero on Wii U, Wolf will return as a veteran.”

                                                            “One of Sakurai’s personal favorites from Super Smash Bros. Melee will make a return as well. Young Link is back, and he’s based on his incarnation from Majora’s Mask 3D. His Final Smash is the Fierce Deity, but will retain most of his previous moveset from Melee.”

                                                            “The winner of the Smash Ballot is confirmed to be King K. Rool. Polls from both the West and Japan show that King K. Rool was in fact the leader for several months, way ahead of any other character voted for.”

                                                            “The new Nintendo IP, Splatoon, was so commercially successful worldwide, that Sakurai saw it fitting to include the Inklings while they’re still fresh and trending, as he doesn’t plan on developing a 5th installment for Smash Bros. any time soon, and really wanted to have the character within the game.”

                                                            “The final character to be announced is in fact another 3rd-party fighter. Master Chief from the Halo series makes his landfall onto the Smash battlefield! Nintendo and the team behind Smash Bros. came to an agreement with Microsoft to include their juggernaut mascot within the game. Sakurai’s ultimate wish for the current Smash installment was to include not only Nintendo’s all-stars, but also icons within the gaming industry. Cloud was deliberately revealed before the Smash Broadcast, because Sakurai knew Master Chief would have a bigger impact when finally announced.”

                                                            That’s the scoop. I’m guessing Snake isn’t in because of not only what Kojima said ages ago, but also because of how Konami’s been acting for the past couple of years. Master Chief wouldn’t surprise me to be honest, we’re getting Minecraft for Wii U finally, and I recall Phil Spencer of Xbox said he’d be down for Banjo & Kazooie to appear in Smash, but I guess Master Chief is more iconic over Banjo, so there you go.

                                                          2. Is there any news of a =new=3DS version? I can’t find anything about that. I’d love portable Minecraft on my XL.

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