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Video: SteamWorld Heist Launch Trailer

Developer Image and Form has released a launch trailer for their newest game, SteamWorld Heist. The game takes place a few hundred years after SteamWorld Dig, marking an era of space travel for the steambots. Players will take control of a group of sharp-shooting, space pirates aimed at collecting a ton of loot.

The trailer focuses largely on the games key feature: the ability to aim in turn-based battles. This mechanic removes much of the chance seen in other games of the genre, and even allows players to ricochet bullets off of the environment to pull of brilliant trick shots. With countless missions pitting you up against a variety of enemies in new locations, players will want to collect and experiment with the games robust line-up of weapons to get the most effective shot every time.  See it all in the trailer below! Steam World Heist launches on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on December 10th.



11 thoughts on “Video: SteamWorld Heist Launch Trailer”

  1. I feel like this could be the fun and addicting game Codename Steam should have been. Looking forward to it, and it will probably be half the cost of Codename Steam!

      1. Haha. True that. It will likely be the best game on the WiiU, ever. Nintendo has some healthy pressure to make open-world Zelda something legendary. Monolith just set the bar, and they set it pretty fucking high.

        1. Yeah I don’t see the legend of Zelda having a better open world but better game I wouldn’t know I don’t play the zelda games but am a fan but I don’t think it can top xcx

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