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VGChartz: Zelda Twilight Princess Wii U Is Currently Most Pre-ordered Game This Week In US

VGChartz is reporting that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii U is currently the most pre-ordered software this week in the United States. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is currently beating the likes of The Division and Uncharted 4: A Thief End. It should be noted that VGChartz numbers aren’t official, but they do give a good indication of what’s selling and what is not.


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33 thoughts on “VGChartz: Zelda Twilight Princess Wii U Is Currently Most Pre-ordered Game This Week In US”

    1. But for the first time it’s in HD and the Wolf Link amiibo is a very attractive incentive so for those reasons alone it’s worth another purchase

        1. Ocarina of Time is second best. Twilight has better dungeons, better characters, better Lake Hylia, etc. etc. However I do like Goron village in Ocarina more. I like the Water Temple in Ocarina over Lakebed Temple from Twilight. Ocarina is a close second, but every year when I have to scratch that Zelda itch, I always reach for Twilight Princess.

          1. Zelda twilight princess HD with amiibo suppose to be good seller because of these 2 reasons and this game going to be very popular also this amiibo will do something to Zelda U, wonder what will happen.

          2. I only preordered because I heard I could get a free Twilight Princess soundtrack for preordering. Otherwise I would have waited. So, I better get the free soundtrack.

            Speaking of soundtracks, I bought the physical copy of Shovel Knight on Wii U, and when I tried to redeem the free digital soundtrack, it told me that the code I entered was already redeemed. Has anyone else had that problem? I bought it brand new from a trusted eBay seller with great feedback. So how could the code have already been redeemed?

            1. He probably redeemed it. You still got the game, but did he say you would get the soundtrack? Cause if not he had every right to redeem it, and mostlikely did.

          3. I guess when it comes down to it the Nintendo fanbase is the only one without a massive anti-preorder following, so it’s not overly surprising to see something like this, especially with a popular first party ip with an amiibo.

            I’m just gonna wait out the single release of the amiibo though.

            1. That’s because Nintendo’s Special editions are truly limited, and can sell out rather quickly. You have to pre-order to reserve your copy. I would never pre-order a game on my Ps4, that would be pointless. Why would I pre-order Fallout, or Battlefront when I know they will produce ten million copies?

              That’s why you see third parties using season passes, and pre-order bonuses to entice people to pre-order, because they know there is nothing special about thier special editions. Your pre-order bonus from Nintendo is that you get a copy of the game.

              1. It makes sense special console or collector’s edition wise, but I have yet to see many of Nintendo’s latest special editions/bundles run out in stores as of late. I’ve been to numerous stores that still have Wind Waker Ganondorf Bundles, Persona Premium editions, and all the amiibo bundles thus far. I mean I understand the preorder culture that had originally surrounded amiibos with their limited quantities, but it’s clear Nintendo has big plans to flood stores with their stock at this point with amiibos, so it’s become obsolete to the point of stores no longer even bothering with amiibo preorders.

                It just seems odd that Nintendo fans wouldn’t be on the same boat at this point.

            2. And If they remake Skyward Sword, I’d pre order that too. Nintendo is the only developers whose games I would pre order, because their games are actually finished 99.9 percent of the time, unlike other publishers and developers.

              1. It’s too soon for a skyward sword remake. They should remake that game mid-late NX in my opinion. Also they would have to have the NX support Wii remotes or they would have to change the entire fighting system, bosses ect. It would be WAY too much work. If they do remake it, I hope they make a new Wii remote that’s more precise, and implement support for it, because I felt the plus didn’t wasn’t as accurate as it needed to be.

                1. It might se too soon for a S.S. Remake, but sadly since Nintendo developed it in low SD, it looks like shit. So I would agree it needs HD treatment, only because I feel development was mismanaged. Why the fuck release a Zelda like Skyward Sword, at the long, bloody end of their Standard definition lifecycle, whrn everyone has moved on to HD? What did they think was going to happen, everyone keep a SD tv around just to play Skyward Sword. It’s really a sore spot for me because I really liked Skyward sword and I’m a little bitter I can’t play it without my eyes hurting.

                  1. Maybe they should just do an HD port that’s Eshop only. Because of your not gonna go all the way (because it’s too soon and there’s already 2 Zelda remakes on the Wii U, this needs to wait for the NX.) then there’s no reason to waste money on disks. Just put it on the Eshop in HD for 10-15$.

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