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Aonuma Talks More About New Hyrule Warriors Addition Linkle

In an email interview with IGN, Eiji Aonuma talked more about the creation of the new Hyrule Warriors Legends addition, Linkle, and advised that he was able to give feedback on the creation of her character during the development process.

“I had a chance to give feedback on Linkle during development, but the satisfying action of using a crossbow, which we developed for the spinoff title Link’s Crossbow Training, was implemented this time completely by Koei Tecmo. It may feel a little different from other titles in the franchise, but she doesn’t feel out of place at all in the world of the Zelda games.”

He also told IGN, when speaking about her potential apperance in future games, “I’m sure we will keep her in mind when thinking about future titles.”

It will be interesting to see how she is integrated into future titles if this were to happen. What do you think about potentially seeing more of Linkle in the future?

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51 thoughts on “Aonuma Talks More About New Hyrule Warriors Addition Linkle”

  1. From a design standpoint I already really like the character.
    Not sure about the name Linkle though. Its obviously just a copy of Link but since that is an fictional name anyway I would probably like it more if she every makes an appearance in the main series that she either would be a huge fan of Link and gave herself Linkle as a nickname or if they would go as far and give her as an female option (who knows what happens in the future) that she also would just be named Link. Or give a her a new name which doesnt sound like a “Link” ripoff.

    ~Linkle Linkle litte Star, how I wonder in what games you gonna show up-ar. ~

  2. Linkel is how I originally said it, ….I didn’t really know much about the name but now I think I should continue saying linkel since it sounds way better.

    “Hey let’s make a girl link!”
    What should we name her?…

    “Link….lin…..linnnn….k… Linkle…..”

    “=_=…..hmmm…..I like it…”

  3. Personally, I don’t really like it when developers do this gender bending stuff. What’s next? Zeldo? Ganondorfle? I sure hope not.
    TLoZ is one of the last franchises I’d want developers to mess with, it’s completely fine the way it is with Link, the hero, and Zelda, the princess. There is enough they can change in the game to make it fresh and new each time, as they’ve proven in the past 25 years. I simply don’t see a need for a “Linkle” (very creative name, btw…), and hope they won’t mess up future titles by forcing her in, just to please social justice warriors or whatever.
    Being a female myself, I don’t even understand why some people are so adamant about getting female characters as protagonists in games. Personally, I genuinenly couldn’t care less about the gender of the protagonist I’m playing as in a game with set characters, as long as the overall “package” is well presented and inherently consistent. And if a game features a protagonist meeting those criteria, what’s the point of changing the gender of that character everyone knows and loves the way it is all of a sudden?
    Only if a game offers character creation, I’ll deliberately choose to go with a female character, as it’s supposed to be some kinda representation of myself or something. Other than that, I simply do not care which gender the the developers choose for a set character, as long as they stay with the option they’ve initially chosen for it. Randomly creating a opposite-gender clone of an already established character and making it sorta canon, or including it in the games, seems really pointless and silly to me personally.
    But that’s just me, I suppose.

    1. The things is that people ask for a female link for quite a while (even before the whole incident when the teaser of the Zelda Wii U). I highly that Nintendo will change genders of all the other characters of the series. Another thing to think about is whether Linkle is considered a completely different person from link or an optional gender change considering that her know weapon is crossbow not sword and shield.

      1. People will always ask for all kinds of things – the question is, which of those things actually make sense, and are worth working on. To me, a female Link does not make sense, as I don’t see how it would be a reasonable addition to the franchise. Link has been male ever since the creation of the series, and I don’t understand why, after nearly 30 years, that would change for no apparent reason.

        And whether Linkle is a seperate person, or just a variation of Link doesn’t change much about her being a very obvious clone of Link, I believe. Same goes for her using a crossbow, instead of sword + shield (regardless from the fact that Link has used a crossbow before too).

        Normally, I’m a huge supporter of having options and being able to decide certain things in games. But in a case like this, where something that has been established for 29 years now is potentially being changed for no meaningful reason whatsoever, I can’t support it. That’s like creating a female version of Mario for no reason. It feels completely out of place and just doesn’t make any sense, to me personally.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>The intelligent and only logical thing to do is to create an entirely new franchise and characters if they want to appease to others, but humans will be humans>>>

          1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

            I guess it’s just easier, even for Nintendo, to just completely change a franchise & use it’s famous and/or popular name to sell what will essentially be a brand new game. *cough*MetroidPrime:FederationFarce*cough*

          2. What I find hilarious is how people constantly say, it shouldn’t be a big deal, they don’t care, etc.

            But then look at you here, not caring, but writing like a 1000 word length comment.

            If you don’t want to play as her, then don’t. Some people clearly want her.

              1. I guess so. But after Aonuma’s last comment, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up appearing in more games in the future, perhaps even in main titles.

                  1. And how does that change anything about any of the points I’ve made?
                    Right, it doesn’t.

                    Look, you’re absolutely welcome to disagree with what I say, but at least bother to make some reasonable counter arguments. Like this, you’re just wasting both mine and your own time.

                    1. um u decided to read the comment not my problem u took the time to reply, and i couldn’t careless if u don’t like the character but don’t make it a big deal because its in a spin off that nobody cares about anymore and the character will be forgotten in due time.

                      1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a female hero in future games, as long as it’s just an occasional thing. Imo, Link should always be the hero people associate with the series. The cool think about this series is that the stories typically take place hundreds of years apart. So it’s feasable for one of Link’s incarnations to be female.

                        If they do have her in a future game though, I would want her to be the main hero; otherwise I don’t see the point. In this case I don’t really like the idea of having the option to choose between a male or female protagonist. The Zelda series just seems to me like the kind of series where a story should be presented to you rather than you be given an option to customize it to your liking.

                        I’m pretty sure Nintendo isn’t doing this simply for equality purposes. (I really hope that isn’t the case) They’re probably just doing it because fans are asking for it. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time. The day Samus is portrayed as a man is the day I draw the line.

                        Also, if they do include her in future titles, PLEASE change that name. It sounds terrible. I’m sure they could come up with something better.
                        Lynx maybe?

                        1. No! If there’s ever gonna be a female Link playable it HAS TO be optional!! Link is NOT a girl and changing that without the option of a male is NOT GOOD!! Now if there was a female link OPTION, and there were different items exclusively for her, and slight changes to the story, I would TOTALLY play the game twice to experience that. I would be completely on board with the OPTION!!

                          1. Take it easy buddy. No need to get excited. This is a matter of opinion. Personally, I don’t see why the Hero can’t be female. Each new Zelda game (with the exception of direct sequels) presents a new incarnation of the Hero. And while each protagonist shares the same name, none of them are the same character. They’re lives are often seperated by hundreds of years. There is absolutely no reason why one of those incarnations can’t be female.

                            Now, as I said before, if this was Samus we were talking about it would be a completely different story since Samus is the same character in each Metroid game. There’s absolutely no reason why Samus should suddenly change genders between games.

                            And it would not be a good idea if an option was given to choose between a male or female hero. Like I said, if a female hero is to exist at all, she has to be an integral part of the story, otherwise there would be no reason for her to exist at all.

                            Also if that option was given, the story would inevitably suffer. You would have 1 of 2 outcomes:
                            1) The producers would have to make every relationship the hero has in the game gender-neutral, since they’d have no idea which gender the player will choose. There would be no possibility of a love interest, jealousy, or romance.
                            2) The producers would present 2 different stories to match the hero’s gender, at which point fans would be left wondering which version was true and which was simply a possibility.

                            1. I don’t think they will have her as the only main character. It would upset WAY too many fans and they would get A LOT of hate. Now if we do what we were discussing below where you either play linkles part of the story or Links part of the story but they both exist at the same time, that would fix the timeline issue completely. The people who only want to play as link, would get the game unchanged and meet linkle and stuff would be normal. But people who want linkle would get their own unique kinda story inside the story and not upset the others. That would keep everyone happy, keep the timeline right, AND offer an EXELLENT reason for replaying the game. That’s a Win, Win situation. Great idea Jaded Ridley.

                              1. Absolutely agree with you for the most part, especially when it comes to Samus. I keep seeing people comparing the possibility of Linkle as a main title protagonist to a male Samus which is just… not really the same since Samus Aran is the same character in every game (as far as I’m aware at least) whereas Link is usually a different incarnation each time. (Just repeating your point because that’s something a lot of people seem to forget)

                                I do however disagree with your relationship argument – who says that Link, Linkle and other in game characters have to be heterosexual? The protagonist’s interactions with other characters should stay exactly the same regardless of their gender… that would be super progressive instead of enforcing heteronormativity and erasing lgbt+ identities.

                                1. In that case though, your character’s sexuality would be entirely dependant on the gender you choose at the beginning. Doesn’t that seem a little inconsistant story wise? Plus the producers would be forced to decide which character gets the heterosexual storyline and which one gets the homosexual story line. I’m sure it would alienate quite a few people.
                                  I don’t think it would be progressive. I think it would be illogical to suggest that both male and female protagonists will interact with the same characters in the same exact way. That would definately make Linkle feel ununique. She would seem like a simple Link clone with nothing personal to set her apart. That’s exactly what I was saying would make her unneccesary.

                                  1. Hmm I can see your point. I was just now wondering about one thing though – it’s usually npcs showing romantic interest in Link (and even that is of course kind of open to interpretation), whereas he doesn’t really react other than looking somewhat oblivious of their approaches or smiling awkwardly. Assuming this would still be the case if the player chose Linkle, she wouldn’t have a fixed sexuality anyway – and based on the games that have been released so far, neither does Link, actually. I’m not insisting on Link not being straight here, but unless it is stated otherwise in a game, him being gay, bi, etc is technically a possibility. It would rather say something about the characters hitting on Link/Linkle, but they (both npcs and Link/Linkle) could easily be of any polysexual identity.
                                    Now about the interaction – it is true that in our world people treat others differently based on their gender, but I guess I was just hoping that in a fictional world these social constructs would not have to be perpetuated… because how a man treats a woman (or people of any gender identity) and vice versa is not naturally inherent.
                                    But I agree that this would make Linkle kind of ununique in the sense that she would quite simply be a gender option. I don’t necessarily consider that to be bad however, in fact I am quite open towards both suggestions – her being her own character with a unique storyline as well as a “female Link” chosen at the beginning. I’d probably still end up picking Link as we know him in my first playthrough, but I don’t see why others shouldn’t be able to choose differently, since, again, the hero’s spirit might very well be reincarnated as a woman. And based on that, maybe Linkle doesn’t need any other justification than being a representation of a female main character in one of the most popular video game franchises.

                                    1. Oh and scrolling up I just realized I forgot about your very first comment. I do also welcome the idea of Linkle being the only hero in a future game, that would definitely be consistent with the classical storytelling in Zelda while still changing it up a little. As I’ve said before, I’m basically open to most everything including her. Not because I’m a huge fan of hers (we hardly know anything about her after all), but because I can see her potential, both in game and on a meta level.
                                      And Lynx is a great name btw!

                                    1. That’s why there should be the OPTION of playing as male link, and having linkle not appear. Those who don’t want linkle, you don’t have to have her. Those who do, here you go. It HAS TO BE OPTIONAL!!

                                      1. No. The only option in beginning a Zelda game is your name, sometimes not even that. Nothing more, nothing less.

                                        If you want multi gendered heroes, you can find them in other game realms. It’s been over 30 years, change is bad.

                                        1. No that’s just being stubborn. Being opposed to adding a female option that doesn’t affect you in anyway is retarded and a bit selfish. Now I could see if it was a mandatory female link why you would be upset (I would too) but an option that doesn’t affect you? Come on.

                                          1. Stubborn? I’ve grown up with this franchise, and Link is the hero. Link. No one else. We’re not going to change Hyrulian history and stick some crossover character from nothing to hero. That’s ridiculous.

                                            1. I’ve grown up with the Zelda franchise as well. But having an option in a game that’s completely not forced has NO EFFECT on you! Your just complaining for the sake of complaining!

                                              1. I like to experience the whole story, if there’s character gender differentiation there’s likely a difference in story. If that’s not the case, it’d be a bland Zelda game with no slutty Fairy, Zora trying to marry you, etc. Get real, if this doesn’t bother you then you don’t care for the Zelda folklore.

                                            2. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                                              If Linkle is gonna be in a main game, it better be as a side character teaming up with Link or as a character that takes his place because Link has been captured or has been killed & passes his Triforce of Courage to because the next in line to take his place is either way too young or hasn’t been born yet and the land needs a hero NOW, not later, so Linkle gains Link’s Triforce! BUT she has to be related to Link in some form. Preferably as a cousin. Oh & above all else, CHANGE THE DAMN NAME!!! Oh & no optional bullshit. If there is going to be an option, it better be which of the two you’ll control throughout the playthrough while the one you don’t choose either gets controlled by the AI or is player controlled by a second player. You can still have a bit of a solitary journey with two people… ESPECIALLY if they get split up for whatever reason. Like how Resident Evil 0 would sometimes split up Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen.

                                              Oh & like another said up above, it has to be a once in awhile thing. If you do it too much, it’ll just get more annoying than a thing we get to look forward to once in awhile.

                                              1. Actually that’s a really good idea. I hadn’t considered the possibility of her being a necessary side character. It could definately work…

                                                as long as they change the name.

                                                1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                                                  Yeah. I’m against the idea of an option that would result in only one of the two genders existing. No thank you. We got enough questions forming from a Zelda game & we don’t need one of those questions being “Which version of the story is the true version!?”

                                                  1. That’s a very good idea, and I think if she’s gonna be an optional playable character it should be you doing her side of the adventure, while link does the other and vise versa. Great idea.

                                                2. Remember when Aonuma also said that he want the Master Bike from Mario Kart 8 in a canon game?

                                                  Yeah, just take this as a grain of salt and don’t expect Linkle to be anywhere close to a canon Zelda title.

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