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Metacritic: FAST Racing NEO Has Average Score Of 82

Reviews have already started to roll in for Shin’en’s technically impressive FAST Racing NEO on the Wii U eShop. The futuristic racer currently has an average review score of 82 on Metacritic out of 12 critics, which isn’t bad at all. Online gaming publication Destructiod even goes as far as to say that its one of their favourite video games this year. FAST Racing NEO launches on the Wii U eShop on December 10th.

Fast Racing Neo made a strong impression right off the bat, and is easily one of my favorite games this year. It’s fast, it’s responsive, it has a compelling color-switching mechanic, and Hero Mode provides a stupidly fast-paced challenge that’s going to last me quite some time.

19 thoughts on “Metacritic: FAST Racing NEO Has Average Score Of 82”

  1. Im looking forward to this.
    Only thing I dont like from seeing in the trailers is the boost effect which imo looks bad sind its ends so abrupt it remembers me from a colored condomn just put over the car.

    But for the cheap price I can deal with it :D

  2. So I know my sentence with remember is gramatically wrong but Im not sure how to fix it.
    “Remember me of”? ^^

    1. I hear that! I’ve been using a 128 gig thumbdrive. I’m out of space mostly. I managed to clean things up for a Xenoblade databack… I think I’m going to dump smash or Mario Kart. I play smash on my N3DS, and honestly without voicechat on either, I’m not into either enough to warrent the space. … I’ll probably keep Mario Kart I suppose…ugh. IDK.

      1. Wow I’m surprised your thumbdrive hasn’t crashed yet. I heard it was advised to use a hard drive with a dedicated powersource but I choose to ignore that. I was using a little 40gig harddrive with a y-cord to power itself. After a few months it crashed and I lost all my savefiles. I just went out and bought a 2TB Harddrive with a dedicated powersource. I haven’t had a problem since.

        1. A USB thumb drive, which I use, actually gives you faster read/write speeds vs an HDD. The only thing to top it would be a solid state drive (SSD). Either way you have to make sure to buy a reputable brand.

          Keep in mind we’re not running full virtual machines off the external storage, the U is still the powerhouse. But definitely it kills HDDs that aren’t SSD without a power source as USB 2.0 can’t power it fully.

        2. Oh man. Sorry about your luck mate!
          I’ve been using USB storage since launch, I think Sandisk. It’s been fast and reliable so far! Knock on wood!

          If you get paranoid, you could make backups of your files also.

          My 128 gig is going strong, doesn’t get too hot or anything.

          1. Wow, is that all? I’ll have plenty of room then. I have 11 gigs on my system, and 12 gigs left on my 128 gig USB drive.

          2. First we get Xenoblade Chronicles X amazing open world and now Fast racing neo stunning racing game and that’s 2 exclusive in one month this such great treat before Christmas, sadly my Wiiu is under repair because stupid NNID password wouldn’t work.

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