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Gone Home No Longer Appears To Be Coming To Wii U

Indie title Gone Home no longer appears to be coming to the Wii U. Nintendo’s current home console was the first console supposedly to get the title, however Gone Home writer and designer Steve Gaynor has said that it is no longer in development for the platform. Instead it is now coming to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One next month. Gaynor hasn’t given a reason as to why the game is skipping the platform.

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26 thoughts on “Gone Home No Longer Appears To Be Coming To Wii U”

  1. So sick of indie games — that is, wannabe games.

    Even sicker of some people saying “the Wii U is a great platform, see the number of indies that showed up on it!” — this is such a falacy.

    The Wii U may be considered a great platform for a number of other reasons, but not for this.

    Most of indie games out there are below the bar.

    1. “Most of indie games out there are below the bar.”
      To be fair, that’s mostly because of oversaturation due to everyone being able to make an indie game (which is a great thing, IMO). The good indie games shine brighter compared with the cheap, lazy efforts.

      Some kind of quality control would be nice though, even if it’s something as simple as allowing users to comment and review the games, like Steam does.

      1. I still find it funny, though, how Nintendo is praised as a great platform for indie developers. Sure, they help indies market their games, though this can also be because most of their third-party support comes from indies. Xbox One and PS4 both have plenty of more indies than Wii U, most of which go under the radar since triple-A titles take up their marketing. Steam, of course, has the most indies and an actually good rating system to distinguish good titles, decent titles, poor titles, and the overwhelmingly positive titles that we want.

        1. The Wii eshop was… Uh, kind of unique. It was really difficult to sort out the worthwhile games in the middle of such a shovelware.

        2. Even sicker of some people saying “the [PS4/Xone] is a great platform, see Destiny…. no, nevermind, see AC Unity…. no, that one neither, see Titanfall…. shoot, still not that one, err, ok, see Battlefront…. no, no…. wait, see The Order! Aaargh I give up….”….
          I can’t say most AAA games are above that bar in this year and age.

          1. Yeah, those are games that really sit below the bar. I kind of enjoyed Destiny, to be honest. I think it’s a cool game, but that’s it.

            However, both Sony and Microsoft – as well as Nintendo – have great exclusives that worth the investment. Also, the twins have a plus, which is the general 3rd party support. That means that PS4/XBOne owners have, at least, the possibility of picking up almost every game that is out, despite their quality or whatnot.

            1. Indeed, they are. So many broken indie games everywhere lately.

              It is a pity Wii U kind of relies on them to fill the gaps between the big 1st party titles.

          2. In time: I could not care less for this game. I’m sorry for those who were intending to play it and does not have one of the twins.

            1. Encyclopedia Dramatica can be quite gross, but they’re also useful for situations like this.

              “Gone Home didn’t have to actually be good to get good reviews, it only needed to know the right people.
              Half the people that reviewed it at first did so before anyone else even knew what the fuck it was and they all gave it a perfect 10/10. You know what else those people had in common? They took part in a podcast group called Idle Thumbs together with the people who made the game. Others, like the writers at Polygon, had a personal friendship with the creator for at least two years before that and were invited to that podcast a week before posting the review. Which explains why Polygon picked this point-and-drag adventure game with all the pointing and dragging taken out as their Game of the Year and gave it one of the only eight 10/10 scores in their site’s history. Other people who were friends with the developers and gave it good reviews include Leigh Alexander and Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku.
              Later this would be used as a perfect example of gaming journalism’s corruption during GamerGate. But what do you expect from Polygon? A site whose editor used his position to hire his own brother.
              But what did the actual players think of the “game”?
              It’s shit.
              Everyone thought it was shit and were pissed off at all game review sites who told them to buy it either because it championed their gay, left wing ideology, or because the reviewers and the developers were secretly butt-buddies.
              So, while reviews from game sites were overwhelmingly good, reviews from actual customers who had just been duped into spending $20 on twenty minutes of pro-gay propaganda with no gameplay, were overwhelmingly bad. Consisting mostly of “constructive criticism” like: “This is not a game”, “this is a walking simulator”, “I want my $20 back” and “I want five minutes of my life back”.
              It actually got to the point that all the gaming sites that gave it high scores had to do followup articles to convince people this is actually a game and subtly beg their army of SJW feminists to give this thing good reviews which is the only reason it didn’t get a score of -5,000/10.”

          3. I don’t like news that Wii U is losing yet another game, but that one is useless anyway….
            Minecraft > Gone Home

          4. Seriously, it’s not like you really have to guess why they are jumping to the other platforms; more money ! At least this isn’t as insulting as Project Cars. A game that was crowdfunded to come to Wii U first and then the devs just gave us a big middle finger.

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