Nintendo Adds A Festive Filter To Snapchat

Nintendo of America is bringing some festive cheer to the Snapchat application by adding a Holiday filter for your photos. You can see it in the Tweet below:

Presumably, the filter will work in a similar way to the location filters you can find within the app, so you may want to make sure you have your Snapchat’s location settings set to ‘on’ to allow you to find the filter.

You can also follow Nintendo’s Snapchat account under the username NintendoAmerica.


  1. Gee, are they even trying? Why not a Mario/Luigi stash with the hat, and when you open wour mouth or whatever coins fly by or something actually fun like that istead of something as boring as this, that doesn’t even work everywhere…

    There is a way to get your brand still out there even tough you’re less then before, but doing it in such a lazy way isn’t it…

    Make something fun that makes everyone go “oh my! This Mario thing is funny!” Even when they aren’t fans. This won’t do that, what’s fun about this?

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