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Here’s What You Need To Know About Terraria 3DS

Terraria publisher 505 Games has produced a frequently asked questions factsheet for those on the fence about the recently released sandbox adventure game. The FAQ covers everything from how the multiplayer works on Nintendo 3DS to the benefits of playing the game on the New Nintendo 3DS.

What content is included?
Terraria 3DS includes all the content from 1.2 with the exception of Dyes which are excluded on technical grounds*. To make up for that, we’ve added Minecarts, Fishing and a few 1.3 UI options like the ability to quick stack to a chest. The 3DS version also features a completely overhauled interface, making full use of the two screens. You can cycle the bottom screen between an intuitive touch to build interface; a world map; or as a quick-select inventory bar. It’s the most intuitive Terraria has ever been on console, and we’ve included a few surprises for the Nintendo fanbase.

Will there be variable world sizes?
At launch, there is a single world size of 1750×900. You can save up to three Worlds and three Characters per console. This is as large as the original 3DS can handle. We are investigating the possibility of introducing larger worlds as a New 3DS-exclusive feature in future, but for launch we felt it was important to start everyone off on a level playing field.

Any other technical stuff I should be aware of?
This game plays in 2D ONLY. This is for a couple of reasons: the way the graphics layers work on 3DS was not conducive to a really exciting 3D effect; and the technical overheard required to run the game in 3D would have meant compromises in terms of world size and other gameplay-damaging areas. The game runs on ALL models of 3DS (original, XL and New) and also 2DS. The framerate on original 3DS is 30fps, whereas the New gets a boost to 60FPS.

Any other New 3DS benefits?
For launch, we wanted a single version that could be enjoyed by all players. There are different control possibilities for New, but nothing that will unbalance a multiplayer game with people on an Original or 2DS.

How does multiplayer work?
Multiplayer is 1-4 players via Local Play. Each player needs to have their own copy of the game.

Will there be a demo on the eShop?
There are no plans currently to offer a demo. I encourage people to seek out the opinions of their peers – there are a handful of people on the Forum playing this already.

Will the 3DS version be updated post launch?
We are planning to support both Nintendo versions post-launch, as we have done with the console versions. Update 1 is already specced out and scheduled, and we’ll be listening for community feedback from the moment the game goes live.

Will there be cross play between the Wii U and 3DS versions?
This is not possible owing to the smaller world size on 3DS.

When will the physical/retail version launch? Wii U?
Both of these are still planned for an Early 2016 launch.

How much free space do I need to install this game?
The game itself is around 80MB, which @Spectra tells me is 640 blocks. The save game and any subsequent content updates will be saved to the SD card.

I have a technical issue or feedback – where can I provide this?
You can always leave a post on TCF, and/or we would encourage you to utilize our new Customer Service Portal:

We will be gathering any additional bugs from our ongoing play/testing as well as your experience and rolling fixes into that first Update.

*We use pixel shaders to implement dyes on the other platforms, but 3DS does not have this capability.

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13 thoughts on “Here’s What You Need To Know About Terraria 3DS”

  1. I seriously hope they consider online multiplayer for the New 3DS. I know it must be hard to implement but if I could play with just ONE person then I will be extremely happy.

      1. You use your circle pad to move and stuff and you can still place blocks by holding a direction and hitting the Y button but there’s a feature on the bottom screen that allows you to do precise mining and placing much like the PC has with its mouse.

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  3. I’ve noticed that, for some reason, whenever I enter bigger houses (mostly those with at least two floors), the framerate in the game has a noticable drop, but only while I’m inside the house. Once I make a single step outside, the framerate is immediately back to normal. I wonder why that is. This is most noticable on the New 3DS version, since it naturally runs at 60 FPS. On the regular 3DS version, which only runs at 30 FPS, it’s less noticable.

  4. Now, you need to build a home. Use your pickaxe to level out some ground, and get building. A home needs a background wall (so craft lots of wood wall blocks), two walls (wood or dirt will do), and a ceiling. Now you ll be safe from monsters while stood inside. Dig out the bottom three tiles on one wall and place a door. Now you have easy access in and out. You should probably build your first home close to your original spawn point. Why? Because until you start building beds, you ll always return to the same spawn spot when you die. Watch out, though: your guide will wander about near the spawn point, carelessly opening doors and letting monsters inside your new house.

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