Video: Pokemon The Movie XY & Z Trailer

If you’ve lost count, the Pokemon franchise is on its 19th official film, and the series has come a long way since Pikachu cried over a petrified Ash back in the 90’s. The surplus of uncontrollable legendary Pokemon introduced since then makes a power-hungry Mewtwo seem like spilled milk.

While  Pokemon The Movie XY & Z seemingly includes a fair amount of these overpowered monsters, the spotlight will no doubt be on the newly announced Volcanion.  You can get a good look at the fire-/water-type mythical Pokemon in the film’s trailer below. Pokemon The Movie XY & Z is due to release on July 16, 2016 in Japan, with a Western release likely to follow.

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  1. yeah but i gotta say i guess it takes them long to develop the movie about the way anymore rumors about the pokemon Z game because we dont know if the game might be the real thing.

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