Rare Shows Off Footage Of Dream On Nintendo 64 And SNES

With Christmas fast approaching, Rare has given its fans a treat in the form of video footage of Dream, the fabled precursor to Banjo-Kazooie. We’ve never had a chance to see the game in action so it’s an exciting moment for those of you who have enjoyed Rare’s games on Nintendo platforms.


  1. It’s interesting to see how a side-scrolling RPG for the SNES shaped up to be Banjo-Kazooie for N64!

    The side-scrolling game using the Donkey Kong Country engine really looked jaw-dropping on the SNES!

  2. This shows how one idea can be branched off of something amazing and create something fucking spectacular. I’ll keep this shit in mind once I start pursuing my career.

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  4. That jungle area in the SNES build looks almost identical to the one in Donkey Kong Country 3.
    It makes me wonder did Dream reuse stuff from DKC3 for testing, or did DKC3 reuse stuff that was dropped from Dream. It would explain a lot about DKC3’s design compared to the other games.

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