Share Prices In UK Retailer GAME Tumble After Disappointing Holiday Sales

It looks like UK video game retailer GAME is in trouble once again as share prices have plunged after the company announced disappointing holiday sales. The company strangely blames the switch from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as impacting on profitability. That’s rather odd as both consoles have been performing extremely well in the UK. MCV says that over a third of the value of retailer GAME has been wiped this morning, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

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    1. Finally they’re learning it can’t always cater to the xbox ans ps3. there are more consoles besides them plus most of them have no knowldege of the other franchises so really it serves them right looks like im getting my copy of fire emblem fates from amazon. (good ridence if you ask me)

    1. Other places like argos price games at a loss, they make money off people on other products to make the loss back up, its hard for a game only shop to do this given they don’t sell anything else

  1. GAME put everything behind Xbox one and ps4 so much so you go in GAME and it’s basically half xbox1 half ps4 and tiny sections for Nintendo and tablets……it’s there own fault.

  2. There are so many other quality websites to buy games cheaper from these days. The prices in Game are ridiculous, £50 for a new game? No chance, not when I know I can buy the same thing for £35 somewhere else.

    I understand that profit margins are difficult for shops, especially for videogames, but to charge as much as they do is ridiculous.

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