Happy Christmas!

I would just like to take some time out to wish you all a very Happy Christmas! It’s a time for us all to relax and chill with family (and try and sneak some gaming in!) Thanks for all the support and I hope everyone of you is happy with what you’ve received this year. Feel free to share your loot with the rest of the readers in the comments section. All the best!

– Sickr and the team at My Nintendo News.



  1. Hey Merry Christmas to you too sickr and team! Thank you so much for all the work that you guys do. Happy gaming!

  2. I will be playing x on the wii u and trails of cold steel on the vita and metroid fusion hopefully with cheat codes if the game shark works on the ds lite to try to equal at first then beat my times once I get adjusted to playing the game again which are 24 minutes with 0 percent and 42 minutes with 100 percent I can’t wait I haven’t played the game in at least a year before this I played it on the pc with cheats and if the game shark doesn’t work immediately get another one and I will buy more games later

  3. Thanks, Sickr!

    I wish a “happy whatever does not offend you” to the whole MNN community, too! Let’s use the differences and diversity to build a better place to get informed about the Nintendo news!

    Hugs for the dudes, and xoxos for the dudettes — I know we have some of them around! ;)

  4. I personally don’t celebrate it, but I’d still like to wish everyone who does a Merry Christmas. And to those who don’t, I hope your day will be great day as well. :)
    Just have a wonderful day, everyone. <3

  5. I don’t celebrate Christmas, thanks sickr for wishing me happy Christmas.
    Happy Christmas to everyone here and to sickr, team enjoy have loads of fun on this special occasion.

  6. I like to include everyone in my wishes, and so, Happy Holidays to the MNN team and its regular visitors! I love this community and all the discussions (and arguments!) we have on a daily basis. See everyone later, if I’m not hung up on Xenoblade X all day!

  7. HollowGrapeJ (Da Ji- Deadly Servant Of Lord Orochi And Cunning Fox Woman Of Whom You Are Simply Inferior To) says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully we’ll all spend more time with familiy than arguing online about games. Haha.

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