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EU: The Legend Of Legacy Demo Now Available On eShop

The demo for the 3DS RPG title The Legend of Legacy is now available to download via the European Nintendo eShop.

The demo will allow you to play through the initial prologue and the first two dungeons, and to avoid having to repeat this process if you decide to buy the full title on February 5th, your progress can be transferred over to save time.

You can check out further information on The Legend of Legacy here.



1 thought on “EU: The Legend Of Legacy Demo Now Available On eShop”

  1. I will get a 3ds xl or new 3ds possibly later this year and for all of the games I can do it with I will grind a lot then transfer the data over so I can be level 10 or higher when I start and the game shark is in the mail box but idk when I’m getting back home but Japan was fun

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