Videos: Bigley’s Revenge Trailer And Gameplay Footage

It may be time for Nintendo’s infamous quality control system to make a return. Bigley’s Revenge is one of many indie games launching on the US Wii U eShop this week, and as you can see in the videos below, the game is a bit rough around the edges. The eclectic style, simple gameplay, and over-the-top audio make the title seem more like a joke than an attempt at a quality game. Would you pay $4.99 for Bigley’s Revenge?

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  1. i would rather pay $7 for that new minecraft clone called discovery which is out now. the trailer for discovery was pretty good, the game itself look good and it definitely got my attention, even more the minecraft wii u edition which i still want. the meme game on the other hand, im not toughing it with a 9000+ ft pole.

  2. Funny how everyone is salty yet the two teenagers who made the game are getting easy $ because there will still be a fair amount of people who buy the game.

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