Lucas And Second Wave Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Now Available To Pre Order On Amazon US

The Lucas amiibo and the second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo are now available to pre-order on Amazon US. The second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo includes Blathers, Celeste, Resetti, and Kicks.

All of the above amiibo are $12.99 with free shipping and will be released on January 22nd.



  1. My excitement for amibo is dwindling. But they’re still awesome. I think I have all the ones I’ll want. Which is about one dozen or so.

    Can’t wait for NX.
    I hope they bring a cool sharp sleek brave image more a kin to the 90’s.
    I got nothing but positive feelings about whatever NX is. Exciting times .

      1. I’m assuming you would. Though it would be nice if you could unlock that character by purchasing the amiibo if you don’t already own the character. That would make them more useful, since amiibos have pretty limited usability at this point.

      2. I wouldn’t think so, but you’ll have to research it with other characters.

        You’ll have the Amiibo in game, but you just can’t use him yourself.

        Honestly if you’re buying an Amiibo that should automatically unlock the DLC, but it’s not like that.

  2. I had better be able to just walk into a store and get Lucas on launch day instead of preordering- I don’t prefer buying things online.

    Just Robin, Lucina, Wii Fit, Wario, and all the DLC fighter amiibo and I will have the full Smash line and be done with collecting amiibo for a good long time.

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