Capcom Introduces Monster Hunter X Collaborations With Mega Man And Square Enix

Capcom has announced the news of two new Monster Hunter X collaborations with both Mega Man and Square Enix. This new information was announced during the Monster Hunter Festa 2016.

The Mega Man collaboration is available now and brings a new Felyne Palicoes costume which will give Felyne the ability to use a range of different weapons such as Guts Man’s ‘Super Arm’ and Gravity Man’s ‘Gravity Hold’. Here’s a trailer showcasing the costume below:

The second collaboration with Square Enix will introduce a new event quest starting from January 15th. This will give you the oppurtunity to battle the elder dragon Kushala Daora, giving you the chance to obtain the Knyaight Sword weapon Knyaight Series armour. Here’s an image of the armour and weapon below:

Hopefully, when Monster Hunter X arrives to the west these collaborations will also be available.



  1. Why dont we just combine the ideas of Megaman and Monster Hunter and create a reinvention of Megaman…one can only dream.

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