Garchomp, Mewtwo And Braixen Confirmed For Pokken Tournament

It has today been confirmed that none other than Garchomp, Mewtwo and Braixen will be making an appearance in the forthcoming Pokemon themed beat-em-up, Pokken Tournament. The news was revealed today in a Japanese news publication and you can check out a scan, below.



Thanks, Retrogaminglord


  1. Yay, more fire types.
    At least it’s not a final evo. Mewtwo was all but confirmed and Garchomp is a cool addition. This means 15 playable characters (counting Shadow Mewtwo) + the one with ラ on its name. 16 characters is a decent-sized roster already, but I’m hoping for some more.

    1. I would have preferred Delphox, though. :/ Compared to many other mid-evolutions, I can think of a few that would have been better than Braixen. Like … damn it! Well this is embarrassing. I can’t think of one off the top of my head after all… But I know there is one! I guess I’ll just have to get my 3DS & skim through the 713(?) Pokemon I got stored in my PokéBank. lol

        1. I guess to be fair, Pikachu is a mid-evolution, too, considering Pichu evolves into Pikachu. Same with Jigglypuff & Clefairy. Then there is Magmar & Electabuzz since they got pre-evolved forms in gen 2 & they got evolutions in gen 4. Hah! There we go! Magmar & Electabuzz! Much better mid-evolutions than Braixen already!

  2. Yay, let’s have one of the most broken dragon Pseudo-Legendaries in history join the battle. I hope that he won’t be as overpowered in this game.

    1. When I take the fact our Pokemon can mega-evolve into account, I don’t mind Garchomp because it’s mega-evolution is actually pretty cool & doesn’t look as bland as regular Garchomp.

  3. that’s stupid none of them have ラ in their names guess we’re getting a new pokemon
    but when it all comes out Halucha and Gallade better be playable game freak don’t make the stupid choices like sakurai did

    1. Oh god..! See what you got started, Ryo! Now here comes the Sakurai Defense Force!

  4. Cmon now, we all know Greninja hitmonlee or chan gonna join im guessing at least 30 characters are gonna be playable, 30 the least…

  5. I don’t get it hasn’t Japan had this game in the arcades for a year already? Are they adding new Pokémon for the wii u version or had they simply not been announced worldwide before?

  6. I still don’t understand why we need dual screens for multiplayer. I’m assuming the arcade version doesn’t need to dual screens to have players fight each other right?

  7. I completely forgot about Gallade (thanks for remind me, Ryo)! I freaking love it’s mega-evolution! Yes! Add in Gallade, damn it! Don’t forget the Hitmons! Especially Hitmonlee (Bruce Lee ftw!) & Hitmonchan!

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