Here’s When And Where You Can Get All The Level-100 Mythical Pokemon This Year

Throughout 2016, a total of 11 Mythical Pokemon will be distributed to fans across the U.S. Four of the level-100 Pokemon will be obtainable at participating GameStop locations, while the rest will be available in the comfort of your home via the Nintendo Network. In addition to a Nintendo 3DS system, fans who want to participate in the upcoming distribution events will need to have a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X or Y. The full lineup of Mythical Pokemon being distributed to players throughout the year is as follows:

  • Mew (February 1-24 at GameStop)
  • Celebi (March 1-24 via Nintendo Network)
  • Jirachi (April 1-24 via Nintendo Network)
  • Darkrai (May 1-24 at GameStop)
  • Manaphy (June 1-24 via Nintendo Network)
  • Shaymin (July 1-24 via Nintendo Network)
  • Arceus (August 1-24 at GameStop)
  • Victini (September 1-24 via Nintendo Network)
  • Keldeo (October 1-24 via Nintendo Network)
  • Genesect (November 1-24 at GameStop)
  • Meloetta (December 1-24 via Nintendo Network)



  1. I may have just finished my collection, but I won’t deny that a few were obtained during the game glitch that we could exploit. I’m happy about this. I’ll be able to have legit mythicals and everyone will be able to get those that were only released maybe once in the past.

    1. I got some with the exploit too, but I won’t be a le to get the legit ones as there’s no gamestop in my country. I really wanted a legit Mew and Arceus… :(

    2. since im too lazy to take the bus and go to my nearest gamestop, i will be using the poke gen thing to get some if not all at lvl 1, actually i have a few of then at lvl 1, one of them being a shiny genesect and the other a shiny giratina, i did not mess with he iv’s and nature, actually i just gave them a random nature and the iv’s i left as is. i may go to a gamestop to get a legit legend, questions is which do i want?

  2. I’ve already got them all (except for Volcanion).

    I’ll make like Noah and have two pairs of every single Pokémon.

  3. “Mew (February 1-24 at GameStop)”
    Urgh. Why do they keep doing this shit?
    Honestly, only the first three are interesting. The rest have been available by hacking into in-game events since forever. Sure, they might not be legit, but getting Arceus by in-game event feels more legit to me than just getting it by walking into GameStop. Just saying.

  4. Any way someone can get the Gamestop codes for me, and send them by email? At least Mew and Arces. I live in Costa Rica, and there’s no way for me to get them. :'(

  5. They really are going all out for the anniversary. TCG reissues, original generation re-releases, blu-ray movie packs, large scale mythical events, and Pokken; this is how anniversaries should be done Nintendo.

  6. Can someone please email me a code for Mew Darkrai Arceus & Genesect cause i’m more than likely gonna be busy each of those months OF COURSE i’m always busy :/ that would be really awesome of someone thnx :D & if not i understand.

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