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First Three Pokemon Movies Are Getting A Limited Edition Blu-Ray Bundle

The 19th official Pokemon movie is due out this year, and while it will be filled with the life-threatening clash of countless legendary Pokemon, it probably won’t match up to the first 3 films. Fortunately, we’re getting those too!

Starting February 9th, you will be able to pick up “Pokemon: The Movies 1-3 Steelbook Blu-ray Collection” at retail for $34.99. The package includes Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon: The Movie 2000, and Pokemon 3: The Movie, all in glorious HD and wrapped up in a sleek collector’s steelbook. Are you ready to see Pikachu cry over Ash’s petrified body in 1080p? If so, you can head over and pre-order it on Amazon here. You might as well pick these up too.



      1. Really, the first three are the only one’s I’ve watch now that I think about it. There’s something about the newer movies that turn me off. Maybe it has to do with the actual animation. But yeah, it’s still good movie.

        1. It’s not the animation. It’s the dried out plots & devices they keep reusing in every damn movie just like the shows plus the voice acting horribly sucks too.

  1. Never watched the 3rd one but I might end up buying this for the sake of nostalgia when there were no worries or stresses about life and work.

  2. my favourite pokemon movies, if it had the brazilian dub I would buy it, but i doesnt, so it doesnt worth so much for me, but Id like one of this on my country.

  3. The first two would be nice but the third one, not so much.

    1. I mean, the 3rd one wasn’t bad by any means, in my opinion, but it was just not as great as the first two.

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