Yamamura Pigeon Costume Now Available In Super Mario Maker

From tonight in North America and this morning in Europe, the Yamamura Event Course is now available to play through in Super Mario Maker. To accompany this you can also unlock the Yamamura Pigeon costume too.

You can check out the event course trailer below:



  1. Highly anticipating the next few costumes; a block of cheese, a Jack o’ Lantern and a microwave oven.

    Seriously, enough with the random costumes, Big N. Extra content is always nice, but these are just weird. Who even uses some of these? How about Daisey or Wart or the other Koopa Kids? Or how about programming powers into the costumes? Why have a pigeon if it can’t fly? Or the Frog Suit if it doesn’t swim correctly? Why not let me get a fire flower while in costume, or use the costumes in the SMB3, SMW or NSMB level designs?

    Make extra content that matters, please! Even if you make it paid dlc, just make it matter!

  2. Agreed with both Collector & bobgolbin99. Of course, I wouldn’t mind a samurai or ninja costume complete with a katana.

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