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Yoshi’s Woolly World Used To Look Slightly Different

Yoshi’s Woolly World has an absolutely gorgeous art style but it would appear as though the game looked slightly different during its initial development. Unused textures found by Twitter user @RandomTBush shows that the game was originally planned to look like Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii, but thankfully Nintendo decided to switch things up and create the lovely look we are now all familiar with.

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12 thoughts on “Yoshi’s Woolly World Used To Look Slightly Different”

    1. Actually, this screenshot does have some differences from the trailer build(mainly Yoshi himself), and the graphics appear to be completely 2D(No 3D ground).

      1. Honestly, I don’t get why many seem to think difficulty determines how good a game is.

        Kirby is known for bright and vibrant worlds and just fun pick up and play gameplay. To me, Epic Yarn succeeded on both fronts.

        Besides, I dare anyone to say that getting all Gold Medals was easy even though you couldn’t die.

        1. Yeah that I don’t get. It goes both ways though. Some think that incredible hard games are better, which I don’t agree with. It doesn’t make the bad either.

          Lol yeah Kirby games have always been easy, but to 100% them is quite challenging. The only one I found to be TOO easy, and I mean rediculously easy was the last one we got on the 3DS.

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