Here Are The 10th North American Splatfest Results

The 10th North American Splatfest results are in, and Team Past has been crowned the winner!

Although Team Past had less votes for popularity, the amount of wins gave the team the edge in points, with them ending the Splatfest at 369 points. Team Future had more votes for popularity but less wins than the opposing team, leaving them with 331 points in total.

Congratulations Team Past!



  1. Yeah these are rigged.

    Might be my last Splatfest.

    I won pratically every Vs team Past match we went through.

    Not even to mention that I went against team future more often than we went against team past.

    If you ask me they judge these wrong and the % should of been in Future’s favor.

    1. more popularity, more noobs. Thus bringing down the team’s percentage. Join the least popular side next time (you may have to guess what will be the least popular… usually it’s obvious tho).

    2. Don’t think it was rigged, just really unbalanced. Was a crazy weird Splatfest. I was on Team Past, and at one point had a winning streak of 18 games in a row. Ended with a So Hawt rating of 35, (never been beyond 12 before this). Literally won one round where our opponents only managed to score 3% of the map. For the last full minute my team was just standing around their base stopping them from even leaving. Whole lotta kids went with Future, I believe. They weighed it down.

  2. I knew this would happen after I was the only player past level 45 on my teams, all teammates were 10-20, and almost all opponents were level 50 Dynamo Roller players.

    Fuck Dynamo Rollers.

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