Video: Kanto Region Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 has been used to build some unbelievably realistic environments and characters, but user Preston Dunagan found another way to impress. From scratch, Dunagan used the engine to recreate the entire Kanto region to scale: gyms, houses, trees, and all. The whole process took him a total of 7 months. You can see the final product in the video below.




    1. Unfortunately, it looks like this is the closest we’ll ever get to an HD Pokemon. At this point I’d take a Pokemon Battle Revolution 2. I know asking for a Pokemon Stadium 3 would be too much to ask for from Nintendo.

          1. Well, they’ve been good in the past, and helped define what is gaming journalism. I agree that they kind of lost their touch some years ago, but they are far from being irrelevant. Also, Jose Otero and Brian Altano are cool guys. Lastly, the cutie — gosh, I never forget her unboxings — Audrey Drake made her way to NoA Treehouse thanks to covering Nintendo at IGN.

            1. Same responsibility where they didn’t put security moderation for Swapnote? Same responsibility for not advertising the damn Wii U for 3 consecutive years straight? Not making anything real, NON-CASUAL fans wanted? Fixing the account system problem? Actually listen to the fans who are living outside of that damn island of Japan?

              1. what? lol do u literary have to point out nintendos past messages EVERY chance u get XD even tho this conversation has to do with pokemon lol u seriously need to let stuff go

    1. Yeah right. They’re too good for cool shit like this. On top of that, what’s stopping Pokemon Company from doing this for real on PC or worse of their nightmare: Mobile? Nintendo doesn’t wholly own/control them so THIS could still happen.

        1. Uh no. The Pokémon Company owns 33% Game Freak owns 33% and Nintendo owns 33%. Not sure where that last 1% is. Probably 34% is Pokémon Company.

      1. We’ve been able to visit Kanto on four different pieces of hardware already: GB, GBC (GSC), GBA and DS (HGSS). Worst of all, the region has been as barren as ever in every instance, even when they had the chance to beef it up in the DS remakes. To remake it yet again would be the definition of stagnation. I’d rather let Game Freak put those resources and effort in adding more features/improvements on the 7th gen games, especially in the overworld.

  1. That looks like crap, lol, it’s rendering all wacked out. But I see what they are trying to do, we all want a real Pokemon 3D game or even another pkmn stadium.

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