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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Digital Code Goes For $50

It looks like the downloadable version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be priced at $49.99 on the Nintendo eShop – as opposed to the $59.99 retail bundle, which comes with the Wolf Link and Midna amiibo. This is based on the game’s listing on Amazon, which is selling digital codes for the lower of the two prices. Nintendo has yet to announce whether it will offer the game as a standalone purchase. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD launches on March 4 for Wii U.

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      1. A version without the amiibo can be found here in Norway on lots of online pages. Maybe it’s just because they don’t know yet (the amiibo bundle is actually more expensive than what a regular $60 game costs here in Norway…)

        1. We have retail version without amiibo for 50€, and I usually trust this retailer to list items that they will be getting.
          amiibo plus game is listed 60€. amiibo alone is 20€
          Legend of Zelda Wii U has been on their list for almost 3.5 years now

          1. Really? Here in Germany, the retail version is 45€ and the amiibo bunlde 60€. So it’s basically the same as buying the game and amiibo seperately, which I think is great for those who don’t want the amiibo, they’re very fair prices.

  1. Too bad nintendo didn’t think of adding more than 32gigs when Project Café was in R&D. So if the hardrive is already maxed out, the person still.has to buy more.memeory because Nintendo thought 32gigs would be good in 2016 for some stupid reason.

    1. Memory is so cheap these days, I don’t even know why you’re complaining. I paid about $20-30 for a 2TB hard drive (and I’m from Norway, where everything’s more expensive).

      I get people think it’s unnecessary, but it’s cheap and easy. It’s even being said this is cheaper than buying a Wii U with that memory included.

      1. We have Mafia taxes for external storage mediums. 1TB costs €70 here.
        It can be cheaper to buy 3.5″ HDD as a component and cheap case for that here.

        1. I’ve heard it’s cheaper to buy it yourself, than what would be included in a console. But I don’t actually know myself, so I can’t give you an actual answer.

      2. $30 for a 2TB?

        Is this HDD made of tinfoil and running USB 1.0? The cheapest I’ve seen a 1TB is around $60, and a 2TB for about $80.

        1. I don’t remember if it was a sale, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I paid. It’s about 2 years ago now, though, so I’m not sure what the exact price was.

          And it works great, good quality USB 2.0 (and I believe it even supports 3.0) hard drive.

      1. A hard drive costs peanuts, yes. Especially when buying in bulk, which Nintendo would have to have done to use them on the Wii U. Realistically, it wouldn’t have jacked up the price by much. Maybe $20-30 more for a 500 GB hard drive, which I would have gladly paid. But 32 gb? My phone has more storage than that. Nintendo cheaped out. Their solution is always, “oh we’ll leave it to the customer”, just like not having native DVD support on the Wii or including a charger with the New 3DS. At the very least Nintendo should have used USB 3.0 ports on the Wii U to make external storage a somewhat valid fix for this problem.

        1. Your phone has more than 32GB space, so its most probably 64GB model? That much internal storage aren’t usually wasted on cheap phones. Iphone 6 64GB model costs $700. Don’t know why you would bring up the comparison to a $300 device.
          And amusing is, that you will fill PS4 with ~6 retail games, regardless whether it’s digital on disc.
          But never mind that since you can always upgrade your PS4 hard drive to larger.
          You could buy the whole library of Wii U games in retail, and you would not fill 32gb model, and you would still have enough space for most eShop only tittles.

          Only thing I can agree with, is that they should have used USB3.0, but probably not for same reason.
          USB2.0 is still a working solution on the console, for what it has been designed for.

          1. And Unlocked Blu Pure XL has 64GB of internal memory and it cost $350. An Asus ZenPhone 2 has 64GB of internal memory and its only $300.

            Asking the consumer to supply their own HDD is bad, it defeats the whole purpose of making the Console easy to use, which Nintendo is all about. Yes a 500GB HDD on the other. Twins fills up rather quickly but that has nothing to do with the Nintendo gamer.

            Why is the answer with you diehards always “well, we aren’t as bad as the other too, so we’re fine.?” No, that shouldn’t be the answer. Specially since who knows what the fuck was going on with Nintendo that they opted with Flash memory.

            Also, that iPhone comparison was asinine. Phone can do a lotore things that consoles can’t. Which is why they cost more, specially iPhone, which everyone’s knows you’re paying a premium price for the name alone.

            1. Specially with *how well Nintendo is at compressing these games. We could’ve fit at the very least $50 games on a 500GB hdd. And yes it should’ve been an HDD but no. Nintendo opted for flash Memory -_-

            2. I always hate when people say “well Sony and Microsoft do this.” The topic is not about them. It’s about Nintendo. If all three are a pile of shit, but Nintendo is a slightly smaller piece of shit, Nintendo is still a piece of shit. The other two have no bearing on Nintendo. One of the stupidest arguments some Nintendo defenders use when Nintendo is in the wrong.

              1. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!} says:

                Exactly. A pile of shit made out of gold is still shit.

              2. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!} says:

                This one is better & longer. And it doesn’t end with the alternate timeline of the Apocalypse.

            3. I could care less about the iPhone brand name, I go with iPhone because of the smooth iOS, I’ve never been able to find an android OS that is as smooth as iPhone

      2. Yet not a problem for Sony adding more memeory and costing more than Wii u and outselling it. Also ignoring 32gig outsold 8gig console telling you people dont mind paying more for memory. Stupid to think 8gigs would sell in 2016.

  2. I think remakes are usually ten dollars cheaper, so it’s probably sixty only in thanks to the amiibo being bundled with the game. Kind of like Chibi Robo. With the amiibo it’s ten dollars more than the stand alone game. I also think Wind Waker was only $50 dollars by itself on release instead of sixty.

    1. The PS4 is only $50 more than the Wii U. For $50 you get around 450GB more in storage and stronger console that won’t be replaced within the next year. If the Wii U were priced at $200, then it would make some sense purchasing the console over a PS4.

  3. There will be a standalone version of Midna/Wolf amiibo, right?

    Ii won’t suffer from shortages, right?

  4. The TP HD situation is a mess made of rumors, leaks and amazon pages… we need a Dierct so bad, the game is 1 month 1/2 from now and we know so little about it!

    1. Well, the thing is what can we know about it that we already don’t know? We know the plot, story, characters, locations and everything that happens in the game. So all they can really do is talk about the little changes for like 8 minutes. Other than that you’re right, it has been a shit show with all of these leaks and rumours.

      1. No, of course the game itself is no surprise anymore, they even slap Ganondorf and normal Midna on the cover xD I hope in some official news about the realese, like, I want to buy the standalone game without the Amiibo but with the all “dungeon-unlock” thing surfaced I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m waiting for Nintendo to speak but no official confirmation so far…

  5. When the Wii U ends I wonder if it will have the smallest library of any Nintendo Home Console to date.

  6. Why did they use a pic from the original TP and not the HD one? There’s a shot in that same location for TPHD that could have been used.

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