Rumour: GFK Survey Mentions Possible Nintendo NX Details

GFK, who is a client of Nintendo, has produced a survey and there’s the possibility that it has leaked some details about the upcoming Nintendo NX platform. Here’s a few things that are mentioned about the platform, though it should be stated that we can’t be 100% sure the information is correct.

  • Achievements
  • 4K/60FPS video streaming
  • 900p/60FPS gameplay
  • Connectivity between both a video game console and handheld device


Thanks, Shuhei Yoshito


  1. 900p gameplay? Let’s just drink the koolaid and assume that is true…. is that good or bad in terms of taking that next step in the gaming experience? Does that mean we should expect more simulataneous streaming between handheld and and console? (like Starfox will have and therefore resolution is kept down with a premium on framerate) and is the WiiU at this point proven to be more of an incubator for such handheld console synergy?

    Again, RUMOR obviously, but if true it is very interesting

    1. “is that good or bad in terms of taking that next step in the gaming experience?”
      Good if you want great performance, bad if you have a hard-on for the arbitrary number of 1080p. In my mind, it’s a good compromise if it means the games will run at 60fps without dips.

      “Does that mean we should expect more simulataneous streaming between handheld and and console?”
      Yes, it seems to hint at that.

      ” is the WiiU at this point proven to be more of an incubator for such handheld console synergy?”
      It certainly looks that way.

    1. unless that is just the handheld… saw a link from the mynintendonews twitter feed that pretty much outs this as a baseless rumor derived from accumulating all rumors and making it seem legit

        1. well, because streaming services like Netflix have 4K and it looks bad to not be able to output the latest video… However, streaming capabilities and game processing might be two separate things

  2. I did just read that it supports 4k video streaming? Holy of fucks. Time to go run my bank account into the fucking ground. Seriously need to get a 4k tv. I mean i love my Samsung but Damn. A silky crisp image is much better than 1080p.

    1. For video streaming? You’d better use it for more than that if you want to justify that kind of purchase.

    2. Please be joking, don’t buy on rumours. Wait for release to decide if you need it, and then prices should be lower for 4K in ~1 year.

      Check if you’re set on buying prior. They have deals once in while for them.

                1. Ridiculous. Just because that level of performance was reachable doesn’t mean it can be considered the standard of the platform. It is true that they were advertised as such back in the day, but the fact is that it was just that, empty wording. There’s no Full HD console yet.

                  1. Never said it was the standard for all games. The consoles themselves all output 1080p. Just because the majority of games are 720p does not mean the console’s native resolution is 720p. They are 1080p consoles. Dude, stop trying to pick fights.

                    1. Then you were never on topic, because we’re talking about what that ‘900p’ would mean for the NX. If you read the rest of my posts, you’ll see how I’m constantly taking about mainly about the games using the console specs. The specs, in paper, are just numbers. People seem to see the ‘900p’ data and immediately assume that it ‘s the maximum output resolution, and that’s why I brought the last generation consoles to the table, to prove that this kind of data doesn’t mean anything in the long run. Sure, you can check the specs on a bubble if you want, but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m talking about what’s standard and expectable on practice.

                      I refuse to consider the 7th gen consoles Full HD consoles by the same reason that I refuse to consider the 4th gen consoles capable of 3D processing: just because they’re capable of it doesn’t mean it’s a defining characteristic of the console, far from it.

                    2. My bad, you were talking about our little to and fro. That was never the topic. That was the topic you brought in one comment ago.

                    3. Again, comments don’t exist in a vacuum, and you were the one that switched the topic from CostarZ not knowing what 900p is to PS4 and Xbone by focusing on the example I brought to make him see that saying ‘wtf is 900p’ is a retarded post to make.

                    4. And that’s what I’m condemning. If he doesn’t know what it is, he should have looked it up instead of flaunting his ignorance like a badge of honor. It’s one thing to do that in real-life conversation, but there’s no excuse to do it in a comment section because if you can post, you can google whatever term you want. Being proactive about learning things never hurt anyone.

                    5. Woah, this unbearable. All I was saying is that these consoles are all 1080p, it’s therefore reasonable for someone to see 900p and be confused.

                    6. I don’t disagree. That’s not what happened, though. What happened was that he was confused and, instead of looking up what the hell 900p is (a search that would surely lead him to a site talking about either Xbox One games or Battlefront), he decided to make the post anyway.

  3. Calling bullshit on this. 900p is a step back from what the Wii U can do. If Nintendo are targeting 4k streaming, a minimum would be 1080 gaming, which would mirror ps4 spec.

    Of course there’s a lot of rumours flying about but this isn’t credible in the slightest.

    It’s like me saying Nintendo are pushing 6k graphics with the NX.

    Actually, could we get that rumour going? I want a full article on here about me.

      1. Tropical Freeze is 1080p. Pikmin is 1080p (no AA though). Sonic Lost World is 1080p. Wind Waker HD is 1080p. Yoshi is 1080p. I believe they said Star Fox is 1080p but i don’t remember.

        And for anyone saying there’s no difference or its an “arbitrary number”.. you guys are blind. Resolution is VERY important to image quality. 1080p should be the standard by now.

        Mario 3d world and MK8 look great in 720p, but imagine how much better they’d look in 1080p… Huge difference. Try looking at resolutions side by side.

        1. Every single one of those games runs natively at 720p, except Wind Waker (doesn’t run at 60fps, it’s capped at 30). Star Fox is 720p and 60fps in both screens.

          It’s an arbitrary number when taking into account that not every game needs the graphical fidelity that 1080p brings. Sure, it’s nice to have, but other features can be as important, if not more.

          1. Hold on, youre one of those guys with _those_ names and you actually talk like a normal person?

            Color me surprised.

            Also samus best bounty hunter homing charged missiles for days.

        2. Both Lost World and Tropical Freeze do run at 1080p but they are natively 720p games. Nintendo is a but iffy when it comes to confirming game resolution so they might say that Star Fix is running at 1080p but I rather wait till DF reports their funding after the game’s been put through their tools.

          Agree though, I don’t care for realistic graphics I just want my games sharper and cleaner. 1080p should’ve been a standard for a while now.

            1. >>>My glitches are affecting sone of you as well, they will end when the NX and The First Order are established>>>

              1. Lol I just re-read my comment and found at least one more grammatical error. Yes, I’ll blame it all on you NC lol.

                I’m actually starting to get a little pumped for the NX, all these rumors starting to circulate and how it might have a free form glass touch controller. I don’t even care for touch controls but it having one of those has me quite excited.

                1. Touch controls? I would hope whatever it is, it’s optional if that’s the case. The Wii U gamepad was a cool idea, but it’s touch controls weren’t used enough. It was just a bigger version of a standard controller in most games which was a waste.

                  1. Yeah I don’t care for them myself, but something about it has me excited lol as you said though, its better off as option.

                    Although, I would probably geek out if the controller’s face changed depending on how the developer wanted you to play it. They chose the default layout but you’d still be able to rearrange it.

                    It’d be like mobile games but without your hand obstructing your view.

        1. You’re forgetting to factor in the amount of detail into the graphics there actually is. The AA, shadow quality, texture quality, etc. Zelda Wii U could “easily” be 1080P 60 fps if they don’t overdo it with the graphics. If you haven’t noticed, Wii U games look very cartoonish or lack the kind of detail you see in other games. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that though since it is for better performance. But the point is that Wii U can’t do 1080P 60 fps on most modern games. Neither of the other consoles can most of the time and they’re more powerful than the Wii U.

  4. I think the 900p may be for the handheld otherwise I don’t believe this. Why would the Wii U be able to do 1080 60fps but not the NX console? For a handheld 900p is excellent, so I can definitely believe that.

  5. I assume the 900p gameplay would be on an NX portable system. Still a possibility to see NX games in 1080p on a home device.

  6. Yeah, 900p does make it sound kind of suspect. It would make sense that something would have to get downgraded if we were going to get the same experience on both the console and handheld (not even the Vita can perfectly replicate the PS4 experience and that’s an amazing piece of machinery), but I’d believe it more if they said 720p.

    Assuming for a second it’s real, I guess a sensor bar in the box would imply Wiimote compatibility, which could mean backward compatibility for, at least, the Wii and possibly the U (no mention of a tablet in the box, but it could be a separate purchase for those who want BC for the U).

    Someone above asked if 900p was good or bad. It’s kind of both. If they really did scale it back to 900p, but committed to 60fps, the games would definitely look good (and you’re probably not going to notice the difference between 720p, 900p and 1080p anyway. It might make a difference to developers though. Not everyone has totally committed to 1080p 60fps, but the industry is definitely moving in that direction and if Nintendo is going to lock themselves in to underspecing again it could yield the same results with 3rd party support: not bad at first, then quickly eroding before disappearing altogether. We saw it when they underspeced the Wii and again when they did it with the U.

    Also, if it really is both a handheld and a console that can harmoniously play each other’s games, I cry for what this is going to cost me. The PS4 and the Vita can *kind of* do that and they run about $550 from a company that doesn’t mind losing a little on hardware… Nintendo absolutely minds losing money on hardware.

      1. I didn’t mean scaling back in the sense of having native content in 1080 or 4K and downgrading it to 900p, I meant it in the sense that the Wii U is currently capable of 1080p, so to create the next console and have it max at 900p would be scaling down, downgrading, whatever you’d like to call it. Doesn’t matter though, I can’t really imagine this is real.

        1. “I meant it in the sense that the Wii U is currently capable of 1080p”
          Only in games that do not demand much. Smash is nowhere as tasking as most people think. The standard for a mildly complex game running at 60fps on Wii U is 720p, so 900p being the standard would, in fact, be an upgrade. It would actually put its horsepower in between the Xbox One and PS4, assuming the 900p thing applies to games as demanding as most multiplats.

  7. Assuming it’s real it sounds like they’re essentially taking Sony’s Remote Play feature from Vita/PS4 and making it universal throughout all games. Which to me sounds like we may be able to play our games on handheld OR console as we please, no matter the game. Which would mean Pokemon on the big screen. This would be great honestly. You could play either or at any time with any game, which would work great in families when the TV is taken. Or for on the go gaming! If these rumors prove true the NX could actually directly compete with the other two again, which it really should. It’d be nice to see all three consoles listed on new releases again. The achievements are also appealing, so I’m really hoping that’s true and that it’s similar to the PlayStation and XBOX trophy/achievement systems. A good portion of gamers don’t care about achievements but a lot of us enjoy pushing the game to the extra length to get them all!

  8. Y’all can argue over these specs all you want. You think you’re frustrated? I don’t even know what any of this means haha. I know 1080 is good and 60 fps is good. But no idea what they actually mean. So sad haha.

      1. I can see the differences there. But I’m still lost as to what the numbers all mean. The CPUs and GPUs, the architecture, stuff like that. Heck, I barely know what a megabyte is. I just figure you guys all know what it means, so if most people say it is good, then that’s good enough for me.

        1. The numbers are just height x weight in pixels. The larger the number, the more pixels it has. It’s a very basic concept, think of it at something similar to the difference between 8-bit and 16-bit games. Outputting the image in a larger format (1080p is considered to be Full HD, you might be more familiar with that term) takes a significant chunk of horsepower. If the NX had a lower target resolution (900p) and good RAM, that extra power could be used for many other things such as having more detailed character models, enviroments, better AI, more particle effects, better framerate, better draw distance, etc.

  9. Just noticed a glaring omission. Where is the Power Cable? It mentions the System, Sensor Bar, HDMI Cable and Controller, but no Power Cable. I know it will included, but it’s still a Weird thing to leave off of the ‘In The Box’ section.

  10. Why would Nintendo have the NX running games at 900p/60fps when the Wii U had some games running at 1080p/60fps? It just doesn’t make sense to me especially with the PS5 and the next Xbox being rumored to have 4K resolution capabilities. What I’m thinking however is that this information could be for the NX handheld not the home console version. I wish for once that Nintendo would just come out and put an end to these rumor speculations without spoiling anything

    1. Next xbox and Playstation would be too expensive for having 4K. that is too big of a jump even by sony’s standards. Two generations from now could and should be 4K standard but not the next. It is just a survey. I take lots of surveys of products that don’t see the light of day. I do take GFK surveys so they are legit company but doesn’t mean survey was done by nintendo.

    2. Jesus Christ, people. Read the thread before posting things that have been answered tenfold.

      1080p/60fps is not the standard on Wii U, 720p/60fps is. Only Smash and Rayman Legends run at native 1080p/60fps. Even if this leak happened to be true, that would not mean that the maximum output resolution (either native or upscaled) of the NX is 900p. If anything, it means it’s the new standard, which means it would be an upgrade, and the least tasking games might be able to run at 1080p/60fps in such hardware.

    3. No chance the ps5 and xbo will run in 4k. 4k is a niche market and will remain so. You have to have a fuckin’ real big television to need 4k. If you assume the average screensize of televisions are around 50in, do you honestly believe that people can see the individual pixels when standing more than 6-8ft away?

      1. I didn’t mean that the PS5 and next Xbox will be 4K native but I do think that both systems may target 1440p while upscaling to 4K. It would be highly expensive for any of the big 3 to go with native 4K resolutions….hell even upscaling to 4K will cost a pretty penny but given how a lot of gamers was disappointed with the graphic leap of this gen I don’t think they have a choice

        1. A lot of gamers that don’t know anything about hardware can’t really complain about anything. You don’t buy a $400 box expecting amazing ultra graphics. In fact, I’m impressed they managed to do the graphics on the PS4 on some games with the hardware it’s got for that amount of money. Some people just complain about everything you know.

  11. The only reason to actually do 900p would be if they had to prioritize resources to some other feature of the system. Given Nintendo’s penchant for doing that, they could just say “it’s 900p, yes, but look at the INNOVATION” to justify it. I don’t think they’re stupid enough to actually DO that, but you never know with Nintendo…

  12. Can’t believe the stupid here. Yes, the Wii U can theoretically run games in 1080p. All of the current gen consoles can. But in practical terms, virtually all games run in 720p, often upscaled to 1080p. I can’t believe that nearly four years after release that people don’t know this. The Wii U is not nearly powerful enough to run most games in 1080p. The fact that the NX will be running games in 900p is not a step back, but unfortunately, it is a very small step forward. This suggests that Nintendo is not interested in future-proofing the NX, and when the next generation of consoles arrives, Nintendo will once again be one generation behind in terms of graphical prowess. It’s the Wii U all over again. I was hoping Nintendo’s new president would have some business sense and do whatever it takes to compete in the gaming console market, but it looks like they plan to stay the course and continue their decline into irrelevancy. The problem is that the company is run by a bunch of out-of-touch old geezers. They should have appointed a younger individual to head the company. Enough “family games”, Nintendo. It’s time to be cool and edgy again.

    1. This information can certainly be for the NX handheld and not the NX home console but even if this info is for the NX home console, 900p/60fps could be the bare minimum for the system while it could very well go up to resolutions as high as 1440p and 1080p while being upscaled to 4K so to prematurely call out Nintendo on a baseless rumor is just ludicrous. You’re right Nintendo is ran by a bunch of old fashioned old guys who are out of touch with gaming of today but I don’t think that even they would try another crazy gimmick given how poorly the Wii U has sold and how slowly the 3DS has been selling as of late except in Japan. Let’s wait and see what NINTENDO has to say in regards to the NX ‘s specs and features before trying to judge them on unproven rumors

  13. Hahahaha I’m coughing from laughing so hard. Sensor Bar? That wont come for a 3rd time, Nintendo is dropping anything “Wii” related. Also Nintendo doesn’t even give you a charge cable in the New 3DS’s so you think they would drop another sensor bar when Kimishima has said NX is SOMETHING NEW AND UNIQUE AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH “Wii” or “Wii U” or “3DS” I mean come on now people. Also 900p 60fps? Only if we are talking the NX HANDHELD. The Wii U already can do 1080p 60fps. That would be a downgrade.

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