Igarashi Asking For Feedback On Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

One of the more interesting Kickstarter backed titles heading to the Wii U is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The developer behind the game Koji Igarashi is asking backers and fans how they want the game to look, which is a nice way for people to get involved in the creation process. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the spiritual successor to Castlevania and Igarashi wants people to vote for the different visual styles posted on the Kickstarter page via Google Docs. Fans have been asked to choose what style they like best and the development team will run with it. The game isn’t due to be released until next year so there’s plenty of time for this to happen.



  1. What they’re asking is which shader to use. All that really does is change the level of detail slightly. I was expecting real aesthetical choices, like Aria of Sorrow vs Dawn of Sorrow, or Portrait of Ruin vs Order of Ecclesia.

    Alas, my hopes were dashed. I was hoping for the chance that Bloodstained’s visuals could match the artwork from Symphony of the Night. Has technology not advanced enough, especially for 2D, to have a detailed & accurate transition of artwork to in-game? Even though Bloodstained is barred from using Konami’s assets, why is it still going for the colorful approach? The main critique I had w/ Dawn of Sorrow was that it was too colorful & too “upbeat anime”. I want my gothic platformers to be dark, & the 2 best, aesthetically pleasing Castlevania games were SotN & OoE, plus AoS & Circle of the Moon’s artwork, imo.

      1. Yeah, when I saw previews for Dawn of Sorrow, my heart sank; its art-style kinda defanged Castlevania for me (luckily the gameplay was still good).

        Order of Ecclesia though… Man, that art-style restored my faith in ‘metroidvania’ in terms of atmosphere (the series’ gameplay was always @ least good imo). Sad that OoE was the last official metroidvania. Yet it was certainly dark AND gritty, even bold, all w/ out defanging the gothic atmosphere, & w/ out directly copying Symphony of the Night or the others. To me, SotN really captured a gothic, Old World prestige I think fits so well for the franchise. But OoE’s art-style was better than Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, & Aria of Sorrow’s, let alone DoS & Portrait of Ruin’s (both of which were, as you said, terrible).

        So Bloodstained’s art-style could be worse, & is actually fine. But yeah, I wish it were more akin to SotN or OoE’s. Oh well, I’m hyped we’re even getting a spiritual successor, & from IGA himself!

        1. As long as the artstyle doesn’t hurt my eyes (so far it doesn’t) and the castle rooms are well-designed, I’m in. It seems Iga is going all in with this project, the final game is going to be one beefy package. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t rank among the top metroidvania titles.

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