IHS Inc Says Nintendo Will Release NX Hand-Held Game Device This Year

U.S. research firm IHS Inc is confident that Nintendo will release the NX hand-held game device later this year. This will be the successor to the Nintendo 3DS which has proved a hit in Japan and in the US and Europe. IHS Technology senior principal analyst Hiroshi Hayase believes that the device will be a portable instead of a controller with a screen like the Wii U.

“We expect a small recovery in shipments of flat-panel displays for game devices because of Nintendo’s new game hardware expected to be released in 2016.”

“Their expectation is that displays sized between 3.1 – 5 inches wide will increase to 16.5 million units this year, growth from 14.1 million units last year. However, data has shown that OLED displays would remain unused by the market.”

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  1. If that’s true, all I really hope is that regardless of when it releases there’s some decent games to play for it. If not, I’ll most likely hold off. After all, it’s not like I’m starving to have the latest and greatest, since I’m sure there will be plenty of games for all sorts of platforms to play.
    Basically, don’t have a weak release window of games for your new platform. Please.


    1. @Detectvezelda A firm release library is nice, but I want to see the long term goals and games to know that when I purchase I can play and still have something to look forward to. Look at the Wii U and 3DS. Both are great systems with a full launch library then long droughts following until they had the next batch of games start to drop. Instead, I’d like to see them release with 5-7 good games and keep a full lineup running into the year to come.

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  2. [[[Don’t do the same mistake again High Command or your real army will abandon you and go rogue]]]


  3. I can’t wait. Maybe I should wait off for the new one. I was going to buy a 2DS but this looks better. I wonder what the pricetag will be *cringes* Probably $200 or some astronomical price. :P


  4. Sickr You deleted my comment days ago when I said that there will be 2 consoles and the rumor of a “fusion console” was only misinformation/misinterpretation from (OFFICIAL) Iwata’s words, now what do you have to say? In the same news there are other people blaming you for deleting messages, if you want to lose click keep deleting everything you don’t like -.-


    1. I deleted your comment as it was abusive. Yes, I spend my time reporting the news so I know exactly what Iwata has previously said. I mentioned the ‘Fusion’ in the previous article as I notice that when I’m browsing message boards online people mention it a lot. It’s a concept people are used to hearing about and I noted that the previous article went against that idea. You also mentioned a unified platform like ‘OSX’ when I think you meant iOS? Anyway, I only delete abusive comments and yours was one of them.

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    1. I’m still thinking that they’ll release the handheld this year and next year will be the year when they release the home console version, so a possible bundle with the handheld could be possible.

      Sony did it with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita last year, so it could be possible Nintendo NX Home Console and Handheld could be sold together next year.

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  5. When I first bought the 3DS on launch day, I sort of regretted it because there wasn’t any good games for it until at least a year or so later. My 3DS just sat in a drawer for ages before that first good game came along. I hope if this NX handheld does get released this year, it’s a different story. I hope there’s several good games on launch. Or else, THIS time, I might hold off on buying for a while.

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  6. Again….I’ve been telling EVERYONE this for like a year now or however long it’s been since Iwata mentioned NX the first time lol. But nope I’m just a crazy guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about right? Silly people man….silly people.

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      1. Iwata mentioned long ago like a year before he even mentioned “NX” that their next platforms would have their Handheld and Home Console have similar architecture, then then went ahead and made their new HQ where they moved ALL their guys to, both Handheld devs and Home Console game devs. The signs have been there this whole time, people are just fucking oblivious.


  7. The new 3DS came out less than a year ago in North America. It would be more likely they release a home console as the Wii U is 4 years old and is still struggling to sell in North America. However Nintendo keeps saying the NX is unlike anything else so if it does come out this year it’ll not be a handheld or a console. These analyst and speculator articles are based on rumours that get reported on as fact.


  8. Off-topic: I’m pretty sick of handheld gaming. I don’t play my 3DS since 2014, and last played my Vita maybe, hum, more than 6 months ago.

    I’m reasonably happy again with home-console gaming.

    Do I have issues? I may do, right? Oh, well… I really don’t understand why I don’t bother playing in small screens anymore, and why I don’t plan to grab whatever is the next Nintendo handheld before it completes 2 or 3 years in the market.

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      1. Well there’s something interesting we find out today about the NX details well if Nintendo said they want the NX to come this year so I have to say they should go on and do it because they not gonna change there mind.


      1. Truth be told, never been into Pokémon. I played some Pokémon games in the past, but they never caught my attention.

        I really think I’ve been enjoying gaming on home-consoles, probably that’s the case.

        And as I said, I’m really not willing to buy the new Nintendo’s handheld anytime soon… I don’t know, I’ll wait and see how this launch will unfold. Bought the 3DS day one, and lost a certain amount of money doing that.

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      2. [[[Online gaming is becoming more and more vital in the console world, probably why the secondary weaponry falls behind a bit to some]]]


  9. “IHS Technology senior principal analyst Hiroshi Hayase believes that the device will be a portable instead of a controller with a screen like the Wii U.”

    I smell bull. I still have high hopes that the NX portable WILL be a controller with a screen Wii U style. The fusion is still real and we’ll have the answer from Nintendo at E3 this June and terminate the rumors and myth once and for all.

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  10. I think that the screens may be because their new gaming console will come a controller with a built in screen. There is a patent out that Nintendo planned to make a touch screen controller similar to the GamePad, but much smaller. Not to mention, Nintendo may have plans for a cross platform gaming console that uses a portable controller to play the game with reduced graphics on the go and then when you get home connect it to your home console and play the game with better graphics. I think it is still good indication of a new home/portable console. If the 3DS is selling well and the Wii U isn’t? Why get rid of the 3DS especially when the New Nintendo 3DS was released last year? Best way to fix this issue is combine your mobile platform with your home platform. How many people would buy a device to play Halo / Call of Duty/ Final Fantasy on the go? I think a lot. But who knows? Maybe the technology isn’t there yet. But there were also other patents out to expand on the hardware’s processing power using cloud processing (using someones idle console connected to the internet to process your information). I think this information does NOT conclude anything. It just concludes Nintendo is in the works with something that will be a big game changer. They sure need it. Wii U sales suck! If they want to stay alive, they need a new home console.

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  11. Well I’ve been saying for the longest that the NX would be ” a family of systems ” as the late Satoru Iwata has insinuated. It would cost Nintendo a lot of money to bundle the two together from a manufacturing standpoint. If this rumor is true, releasing the NX handheld first then the NX home console makes a lot more sense. My guess is that Nintendo is trying to futureproof this console so that 3rd parties have no excuses power wise to not support it. As we are heading into our 2nd month of the year, it will only be a matter of time before we find out Nintendo’s true plans for the NX. Let’s stay tuned guys, the NX may be a game changer for the entire industry

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  12. Well there’s something interesting we find out today about the NX details well if Nintendo said they want the NX to come this year so I have to say they should go on and do it because they not gonna change there mind.


  13. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Free Urselves, Nintendites (fanbitches), from Nintendo's shackles! If U don't, U will fall when they do. All must come to an end as nothing created by humans is 4ever. Ur precious Almighty God Nintendo is not beyond corruption.} says:

    Whatever they do with the NX, whether it be a handheld, home console, or both, it better come with a universal account system. If the NX gets games already on the Wii U or 3DS, I want to be able to transfer my save data from the Wii U to the NX without any issues & in a matter of minutes. In fact, I want to get half off the NX version, if not 75% off, if I digitally own the Wii U or 3DS version. No more of this stuck in the 90s bullshit. If they aren’t clinging to localization from the 90s when a good majority don’t care about that anymore as they want the games to be mostly untouched from their original Japanese version, some even want the original Japanese voice actors with subtitles that is directly translated from the Japanese language & not child friendly or anti-different culture dubs, it’s something else they are clinging to from the dark ages of video games like no online. Kill your old self, Nintendo! Purify the out of touch people in your company, or fire them if they refuse to evolve, & join the majority of us in the modern age. If someone holds you back from evolving to better yourselves to please the majority of your consumer base because those out of touch old men want to only listen to the insignificant minority of like minded people, you get rid of their asses. Shed the out of date people from your midst, Nintendo! ESPECIALLY the Evil Overlords at your American Sect. Those SJW, far right, & far left pleasing idiots must be eliminated (fired)!


      1. since* Fixed. I’m afraid I may never be rid of some of the residual persona of Jaded Ridley X3. That is fine, though, as no one is perfect.


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