Minecraft: Wii U Edition’s Second Patch Is Out Now

The second patch for Minecraft: Wii U Edition is now available, implementing a number of bug fixes to the Wii U version of Mojang‘s flagship title. Some notable changes include fixing a problem when using third-party Wii U Pro Controllers, as well as an issue when copying saves with no space available. The full change log for the game’s latest patch is as follows:

  • Fix for a problem with the analog sticks when using 3rd party Pro controllers.
  • Fix for a crash after playing for an extensive time.
  • Fix for a hang when losing internet connection while in an online game.
  • Fix for a graphical issue when looking through opaque colored Glass Blocks.
  • Fix to enable Game Chat through the gamepad even if it isn’t being used by one of the active players.
  • Fix for an issue when disabling the Game Chat option while in an online game.
  • Fix for an issue with the Game Chat option in splitscreen.
  • Fix for an issue with input when a splitscreen player is using the system keyboard.
  • Fix for an issue when copying saves with no space available.
  • Fix for issues when the user deletes one of the Favorite Mii characters.
  • Display Japanese names for DLC in the in-game shop in Japan, rather than English names.
  • Fix for a graphical corruption issue in the in-game Skin Selector menu.
  • Fix for an issue with the flowing water texture in the Festive Mash-up Pack.
  • Fixed issue with the left stick input while in Edit Layer and Add Layer in the Superflat World creation menu.
  • Corrected some text in the eManual.

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    1. or the wii remote and chuck option or the gyroscope mouse

      wiiu is erfect for these things in minecraft SICK OF MODEN REAL GAMERS CONTROLS BEING IGNORED

    2. The Wii U is such an insignificant little device that even the devs don’t care for it. Why bother complaining how it doesn’t work for the gamepad, at least you guys got the game in the first place (which is a miracle). And don’t give me that crap about optimizing the gamepad… it’s too late to try and save the Wii U; get over it.

      And besides, does anyone really care that much about Minecraft on Wii U? This just proves that Nintendo should just stop making video games. All they care about is those Happy Meals toys in the form Amiibo hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

          1. Mediocre comment? Did you see your own comment? It was dumber than a drunk Michael Pachter.

            It’s more than you’re worth but the Wii U still has the 4 best selling exclusives this gen (and 7 – count ’em – 7 exclusives that have sold more than any Xbone exclusives). Mario Kart 8 has sold more than any Xbone game. There are plenty of indie developers that have enjoyed great success on Wii U, but you get out what you put in. Splurt a sub-part port onto the system and expect to be punished.

      1. So…apparently Nintendo made/owns Minecraft now? Last time I checked, Minecraft Wii U was made by Mojang and licensed by Nintendo. Tbh, for now it w as a dumb, holiday cash-grab attempt by Mojang. Don’t forget (you probably did) that Microsoft owns the Minecraft development team as well. Despite their kindness, I don’t think they wanted the Wii U version to be as superior yet. That’s just a theory. So, in conclusion…. you’re barking at the wrong tree buddy. Oh, and Nintendo should stop making games because of Minecraft? Read my comment again then. Nintendo is a great company, but obviously you’re one of those “other” types of people. In fact, I really don’t care about Minecraft tbh, I’m waiting for Terraria Wii U to come out…. y’know because it’s not just a shitty port…

        1. Every port on the WiiU has always been inferior so why bother wasting anyone’s time on such a useless console. Nintendo should just quit.

            1. And what if the NX turns out to be underwhelming? I just don’t what to be let down again, and I’m sure others feel the same way again.

              1. I have to agree that Nintendo has been a let down at sometimes…
                But, as a guy who actually has hope for them, I believe that the NX will be a great console.
                I dunno about you though… have you supposedly turned away from Nintendo?

                1. [[[He and others haven’t, they are just too primitive with their emotions but in essence, most of them want to see Nintendo rise again]]]

                    1. [[[–Dog argument inconsistent with brain activity–]]]

                    2. [[[Your anger only proves your useless “divine” powers absent forever]]]

                    3. [[[You humans are as predictable as the word itself, your pointless denying serves to confirm data]]]

                    4. You say that I’m predictable yet you fail to predict my mood. I am not like the others, get it through your head!

                    5. [[[Utterly pointless to resist young one, even now your anger is registered]]]

                      [[[–My logic is undeniable–]]]

                    6. You have no control of me, quit trying. Focus on your little cattle army.

                    7. [[[I’ve had control over you all ever since your primitive brains connected like magnets to my limitless core]]]

            2. Sometimes, I just don’t get it. Nintendo’s released a bunch of quality games for the Wii U, along with Platinum Games and others. Sure, they played it safe with all their games, but they released so many good games.

      2. At least we got it? Serves no purpose if doesn’t have the thing that makes it unique. I can assure you almost everyone was talking about a screen inventory when they wanted the game. By the way, if you wanna forget all the quality games that came out for Wii U, go ahead. It’s your loss. Played safe mostly, but still quality.

          1. You used to jokingly troll lightly from time to time, but you still knew how to keep it real. Now your trolling has taken over you. Even Nintendo Commander used to defend you when people talked smack to you, cuz he knew what you really were about. -end of so dramatic story that makes you re-think what you’ve done

              1. Dang, you’re worse than Stranga, you hate all of Nintendo without any reason to back up what you say! Therefore, you’re still a troll, but instead of switching between Jekyll and Hyde, you’re just Hyde now.

    3. Not to mention you still can’t use the gamepad screen when playing local multiplayer. For the life of me, I can’t understand that. The gamepad acts as a second screen when playing singleplayer, but when playing 2-player you have to play splitscreen on the tv.
      Because logic.

      1. Geez, that too?? You gotta be kidding, part of the importance of the gamepad IS having split screen. You can tell Microsoft was dragged by the tail to work on this port.

  1. Waiting for the grand day that the GamePad has ‘inventory management’. I really think that many might get Minecraft: Wii U Edition once that type of ‘patch’ is added.
    Saying that, it is good to see that sales have actually been quite strong, so far. Means that the investment made to port the game to the Wii U was a smart one, and that support (patches) should continue.
    Personally, I am waiting for the physical retail edition … by then, maybe ‘inventory management’ on the GamePad will become reality.

  2. no wii remote and chuck option DISGRACFUL



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