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File Size For Fire Emblem Western Release Is Bigger Than Japanese Version

Twitter user @SDC_Batz has found some interesting information relating to the combined file size of the Western release of Fire Emblem Fates. The US version is 26,694 blocks which makes it 2028 more than the Japanese version. This information could also indicate that dual audio will be added to the Western release of the title:

Thanks, Retrogaminglord


34 thoughts on “File Size For Fire Emblem Western Release Is Bigger Than Japanese Version”

    1. There hasn’t been any actual confirmation. It’s just a bunch of fabrications being thrown around and being posted on various sites.

      1. Nope twice now 2 Nintendo reps have confirmed that content was cut. You people are always in such denial that you think Nintendo is perfect and would never do something like that.

        1. Yeah, but it wasn’t a very direct statement. I really don’t care about petting them, so I’m not looking for a reason to believe Kotaku is full of it, but their proof isn’t very concrete nonetheless >_<

  1. I need to know the size of all three versions to know how much space to clear off. Is there file overlap? Does having all three take less space than just multiplying one version x3?

    I’d really like some file size specifics for various configurations.
    And for those buying the cart. How much space is needed if they download the other two? How much is already on the cart to be unlocked?

    1. PS, these are not questions for the Author, the article is fine, I Just hope the devs and/or Nintendo release more info on this.

        1. Stupid me I’m actually in the article I was talking about. Even my post below in the wrong article. Phones wonderful stupid brilliant technology.

    2. All 3 are bigger then Awakening and all 3 are about the same length….so I don’t know the numbers but Tha might help you a bit.

      1. Ok. So the tweet mentioned in the article says about 26,000 blocks. I think each gig is 10,000 blocks. Each game is about 1.6 gigs. So if it was a simple matter of multiplying times the number of games, we’d be around 32,000 blocks, so we know they share assets.

        Also, it’s mentioned that it’s 26,000 combined, but does that include the 3rd version? I think probably not. We also won’t know how much is actually on a cart, and what needs downloaded in addition.

        I hope everyone has plenty of space on their sd cards, because what we know for sure, is it’s a large game, and no matter how you slice it, you’ll need space if you want to play the entire trilogy. I just wish we knew how much.

  2. I’m glad this doesn’t affect me. Internet raging is fun to see. Gaming where if you don’t do what people want you will hear about it but if you do what people want then you hear nothing.

      1. I don’t know who SJW is and don’t care to know. I don’t care for or against censorship. My life adjust to current times while still growing from my past learnings.

  3. If the Japanese audio is included, I’ll be pretty happy :P I don’t mind dubs, but I sure do love Japanese melodrama XD I’m also glad I’m buying physical copies of Fates with that massive file size XD

  4. I wonder why the third game is hardly being advertised? You would think they would want consumers to purchase all three games instead of just Conquest and Birthright, right? Makes me wonder if the third game is the same size as the first two, or if it’s even a “game” at all. Maybe it’s just a map packs or something… I’m sure I could find this information out with a little research but that takes far too much

      1. From what I understand you cannot purchase the third game without the first two, so why would it matter if it contained spoilers? They need to advertise it, cause I bet most people are not even aware of a third game…

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