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Here’s Another Fire Emblem Fates Commercial

It has only been a day and Nintendo of America has unleashed yet another Fire Emblem Fates commercial. The short but snappy commercial gives consumers an idea of what to expect once Fire Emblem Fates is released in the United States on February 19th. Sadly those of us in Europe will have to wait a little while longer before we can our hands on the strategic RPG. Anyway, here’s the latest Fire Emblem Fates commercial!

Thanks, Mr. Boss

5 thoughts on “Here’s Another Fire Emblem Fates Commercial”

  1. Not falling for it. At this point, nothing they can say or advertise will make me want this unless it is “we are re-implementing the cut content” or “we are adding something new to replace the cut content.”

    Basically, admitting they fucked up, released an inferior game, and are doubling back to fix that insult to the consumers.

    1. While I’m still getting the game, I do hear where you’re coming from. I don’t care about the petting itself, but the fact that the feature aids the Support Ranking in a way other than grinding, is what really bothers me. I want a challenging game, but taking this out makes the strategy available from the support system much harder to utilize on harder difficulties. I don’t want to make my experience easier just because taking out a feature will, in a sense, break the game; especially with Conquest’s extreme lack of grinding.

      So I hear you. Hell, I was considering just importing a Japanese 3DS to get the whole game uncensored, since I’m a Japanese Major, but its just such a pain to do that -_- Nintendo is really being oversensitive in a day and age where kids can just google anything they want.

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